Andy Warhol Chairman Mao Russian Salad (Pop Food Art )

I like how this image by the pop artist both ridicules yet glorifies at the same time and in equal measure. Two extremes sitting on top of each other comfortably.

My mother makes Russian salad and my grandmother made it before her. I make it here with a few personal touches.

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Street Art – Fingers Painting

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funky retro star girls

Eat Your Art Project
In every video I attempt to create an artistic creation using food. I challenge myself by doing something I have never done before while showing you exactly how it went. Mistakes and mess-ups included. It is not enough that it looks good. It has to taste and smell good as well. Minimum waste of food. Everything I make gets eaten by my family and myself. Food is a diverse and complete experience. The visual and tactile are invited to play. I will let my taste buds and imagination run wild.

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