RuPaul’s DRAG RACE All Stars 3 Episode 5 “Pop Art Ball” Review feat. Aja | Shot with Soju LIVE!

“Art is what you can get away with,” said Andy Warhol. Which one of the All Stars Queen got away with Ru and the judges this episode? Also, we have a VERY special interview awaiting you.

This time around, we are reviewing each episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 LIVE! Two hours after each episodes, we will start our own engine down here at the YouTube land to give you the complete rundown of the episode. I will be joined by “Shot with So Who?!” Champion, Aunty Chan, and our Dragula Review partner, Valentina Addams.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
0:55 Review Starts
1:10 Special Guest, Valentine Addams
1:25 Last Week’s Elimination
5:10 Art Pop Mini Challenge

6:32 Trixie Mattel (Mini Challenge)
8:05 Shangela (Mini Challenge)
8:59 Aja (Mini Challenge)

9:15 Who Designed the Soup
11:58 Kennedy Calling out Ben’s Elimination Method
13:35 Kennedy Davenport vs BenDeLaCreme

18:18 Soup Challenge
19:00 What Soup Would We Be?
20:22 Bebe Zahara Benet’s Soup
20:46 Ben’s All Purpose Soup

21:49 Andy Warhol Runway Look
21:51 Aja (Runway)
23:44 Trixie Mattel (Runway)

24:15 Conspiracy about Bebe Being a Mole
25:20 AllStars’ Sewing Skills
25:48 DS shows up…yet again

26:25 BenDeLaCreme (Runway)
26:39 Ben’s Out is Basic…but Trixie’s Wasn’t?
28:27 Shangela (Runway)
29:15 Kennedy Davenport (Runway)
30:17 Bebe Zahara Benet (Runway)

31:00 Top 2
31:20 Our Top 2 Picks
32:45 Lip Sync for Your Legacy
33:47 Baby Metal
34:23 K-pop Idol Reject
34:40 Shangela and Trixie/Bebe and Aja

39:20 Post-Elimination Interview with Aja
40:12 Aja Being Underestimated Going Into AllStars3
41:05 Eliminated by Bebe Zahara Benet

42:45 Season 10 Meet the Queens
43:14 Aquaria
45:00 Asia O’Hara
45:42 Blair St. Clair
47:35 Dusty Ray Bottoms
48:40 Eureka O’Hara
49:53 Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams
51:15 Kameron Michaels
52:15 Mayhem Miller
53:14 Miz Cracker
55:04 Monรฉt X Change
56:10 Monique Heart
56:32 Vanessa Vanjie Mateo
57:17 Yuhua Hamasaki
58:37 The Vixen

– – – – – – – – – – – –
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47 Replies to “RuPaul’s DRAG RACE All Stars 3 Episode 5 “Pop Art Ball” Review feat. Aja | Shot with Soju LIVE!”

  1. I LIVED for this episode!! Thank you girls for saying everything I was thinking!! #justiceforaja Even though I get editing had a part to play but for real. What pissed me off the most was the fact that Aja didnt get any praise even though she KILLED it!!

    – Bebe was brought back by RuPul (whoโ€™s reputation is on the line). Bebe was assigned Diana Ross in the Divas Live episode and then gets to perform to a Diana Ross song โ€œThe Bossโ€ and wins. WTF – Set Up

  3. Kennedy was against Benโ€™s SCORESHEET approach to the competition, because:
    – Ben: Has 4 Top and 1 Safe placement
    – Kennedy: Has1 Top, 2 Safe and 2 Bottom placements
    Remember Kennedy is an experienced Pageant Queen with NO problem, sending bitches home.

  4. 15:50 you know what's lacking? Production quality. They did the queens dirty. Trying to create fake dramas? Gurl bye. And Andy Warhol was legend for can soup paintings? What. The. Fuck.

  5. i don't think its the queens that are lacklustre when it comes to performances and skill (perhaps on the runway compared to all stars 2) i just think it's the challenges tbh. like this episode was about branding more than looks so it's very much comparable to the fish tank episode from all stars 2 which was SO good and had a much better concept than this one. also the editing is closer to season 9 (which was terrible) than all stars 2

  6. I agree that Yuhuaโ€™s comments made me uncomfortable too. Iโ€™m Asian, and make ton of jokes about it, but in the context, her jokes made no sense. The white man privilege thing? What was that….sheโ€™s probably trying to differentiate herself, but no need to force it like that.

  7. I really see DeLa's point with mathematically trying to work it out, because she truly doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by sending them home. She can't go by how she feels because in her head she can make excuses for everyone to be saved and avoids focusing on anything negative.

  8. kennedy is getting on my nerves more and more and I genuinely tried forgetting how much I didn't like her from season 7 and actually started really enjoying her for half a second but now it's just getting ridiculous like she just brings the whole mood down for no reason

  9. Lmao about the cans Ross was like "OMG Trixie if you hadn't come out with your can I still would've known it was you"… I hope so Ross because her faceโ€‹ is literally plastered on the front of it….

  10. The soup was kinda weird, but I liked this episode a lot better than the last. They actually mad things, there was a mini-challenge, the runways were long and they couldn't just put on things they brought from home. Plus the Chad and Alaska skit was great

  11. I thought Aja's runway was very Edie – Factory Girl, ( even if she couldn't recite her history references )! I guess the judges were looking only for 70's Disco – but if the theme was "Warhol Ball", I think Aja looked gorgeous and nailed the runway better than anyone else.

  12. I bet they designed it on paper and then gave it to graphic designers, it's like in cupcake wars where they design their stands and then pass it on to carpenters.

  13. I know this isn't RuPaul's best friend race, but I was super miffed that Bebe did not credit Aja for helping her with her costume. She would not have had a wearable garment without her help, all she did was glue strips on… Was not impressed! Hate the game, not the player I guess.

  14. LOL, when those cans came out I was like…OK so did they make crayon/scrapbook mockups and pass these on to professionals? 100% they didn't really make those. Also, was surprised who was in the bottom two. Boo. ๐Ÿ™

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