Half POP ART Zombie Half POP ART Character Halloween Tutorial


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Hey Glam Fam !
so today i am doing another glamoween video !! if you don’t know what glamoween is its basically 31 days of halloween makeup aka a new hallloween videos every single day !!!
So today i am doing a easy halloween makeup this is a popart makeup tutorial, its super easy and super fast a perfect last minute halloween costumes. this popart zombie and pop art character has a very awesome makeup look going on but popart zombie and popart character is super fun so don’t worry! this halloween tutorial is based off of the popart series in comic books so this is a comic book character makeup tutorial i think they are perfect for the halloween time or halloween season. for the popart zombie halloween makeup tutorial you will need some body paints i have listed the ones i use above. this popart zombie makeup or comic book zombie makeup is so much fun and the popart character makeup or comic book character makeup just gives it a twist. a new popart couples makeup tutorial is coming too! popart makeup tutorial is a great idea for halloweentime. this halloween is so exciting !! i know i say that a lot but i truly love halloween inspired makeup. if you guys are new to my channel beautybyjosiek please take the time to subscribe !

Here is my halloween playlist it would be awesome if you guys could share that as well!!

i will link some of my other halloween videos here.

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Hi !!!
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This video is about Half POP ART Zombie Half POP ART Character Halloween Tutorial


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  1. At first glance this looked like Two-Face! That would be an awesome makeup.. Like the old school batman cartoon style Two-Face lol I lOVe all your Halloween looks!

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