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  1. Heres the name of the Andy Warhol factory member that is not credited. SUPERDUDE
    Superdude is still alive and playing music at nearly 70. He is the person standing right behind Andy in the photo on sonicbids.
    It would be nice for him to get some recognition.
    Youtube channel: jp1234productions
    sonicbids url: Superdude

  2. The organization responsible for authenticating works as being 'legitimate' Warhol works is, according to everything I've read, quite corrupt and/or ignorant. They are famous for denying the authenticity of works that were demonstrably approved by Warhol. Of course, it can get a little tricky when many 'legitimate' Warhol works were probably never even touched by him, because of the production processes. Still, this organization seems problematic. What to do?

  3. que bien, que este tipo de contenido se libere en internet permite un acercamiento mayor tanto a la obra como al artista en cuestion, es fundamental en la autoconstrucciòn de un camino que permita la autodidactica en historia del arte y de una base al artista en formación. Saludos desde Mérida, Venezuela

  4. a real in depth expose of this dodgy group can be seen on youtube, andy warhol authentication part one to seven. see it before their greedy lawyers bill the "charitable" foundation even more millions to pull it down.

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