Pop Art Rainbow Clouds

Hello my lovely YouTube friends!

I dunno if you’ll notice but my nails are significantly shorter in this video. I gave them a trim because I’m going to Sunrise Festival on May 30th and I’m SO EXCITED!! Also it’s nice to have short nails once in a while…. even though my short nails are still massive. LOL

Thanks for watching and all your lovely comments and support!
Love you guys xxx

Also, I’m now on Instagram! I only have one picture and I’m still learning how to use it. I’ve never had anything like an iPhone before. I’m like an OAP when it comes to tech stuff it’s absolutely ridiculous.

But yeah, my Instagram username is professionalDQ and that’s pretty much all I can give you at the moment because I’m on my computer and not my phone,… This information is all correct at time of going to print and I’m sure within a couple of weeks I’ll be Instagramming every single thing in my life and annoying the crap out of everyone with pictures of my food and empty bottles of expensive shampoo…. or just nails and rainbows. Whatever….I dunno.

Everything in this video is my own stuff that I acquired legally and safely. No sponsors, lies, hidden meanings, or anal giraffe porn here.

FACEBOOK ME: http://www.facebook.com/professionalDQ

Music Credits:
Song name: Easy Jam
Artist name: Kevin Macleod
Website: http://www.incompetech.com


37 Replies to “Pop Art Rainbow Clouds”

  1. I want to paint my nails even though Im a boy but I bite my nails and they are mounted any tips to stop biteing my nails it would be really helpfull

  2. After I saw this I started to sing "what my cutiemark is telling me" from mlp season 3 final…

    These animals don't listen, no not one little bit! They run around out of control and throw there hissy fits. It's up to me to stop them cause plainly you can see. It's got to be my destiny, cause it's what my cutie Mark is is telling me… I've gotta keep them laughing, put a smile upon there face. But no matter what I do it's always bit of a desecrate.I've got to entertain them fore everyone can see, it's got to be my destiny cause it's what my cutie Mark is telling me…I don't care much for picken fruit and plowing fields ain't such a hoot. And no matter what I try I can't fix this busted water shoot. I've got so many chores to do it's no fun being me but it's got to be my destiny, and it's what my cutie Mark is telling me… cookie hear at what I made I think that it's a dress, I know it does not look like much, I'm under some distress. Should you all give me a hand hear and help me fix this mess. My destiny is not pretty, but it's what my cutie Mark is telling me… I'm in love with weather patterns but others have concerns for I just gave them frost bright over top of there sunburns. I have to keep on trying for everyone can see it's got to be. It's got to be. My destiny. My destiny. Yes it's what my cutie Mark, yes it's what my cutie Mark is telling me.

    Look the song up on YouTube or look up season 3 final of my little pony on Google… and sorry if I did not get lyrics right.

  3. I'm going to try this to but instead of rainbows in doing a lightning bolt to represent rainbowdash's cutie mark. Does anyone look at this design and think MLP! MUST WATCH NOW!!!!

  4. Thank you for the honesty about painting with your left hand and the tips that you gave too, when I get my brushes I will sure give it a try even if some people thinks my attempts will look childish when I first start. Oh well you can't please everyone can you!!!

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