Pop Art Inspired MWAH Nails!

Hi Everyone! Read here…

Here are my pop-art inspired non sparkly love nails. I hope you enjoy!

Neon pink tiger on my right hand is on my facebook. Here is the video for my orange tiger, which is exactly the same:

Site where I get my brushes:

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This video was made purely with stuff that I own and I filmed it because it was fun. Nothing illegal is displayed here so just paint some nails and don’t worry about it.

Music Credits:
My own personal mute button because YouTube won’t leave my videos alone with music for some reason.


48 Replies to “Pop Art Inspired MWAH Nails!”

  1. love all your work I've tried my best to replicate lots of your designs!!! if possible what Matt top coat are u using? keep up the amazing work waiting anxiously 4 a new video

  2. I love your videos, I saw a few. You have very long nails. I wish I had long nails and amazing skills to do these art nail designs on them. I'll try some of these nail designs, but for short nails. ;P Thanks! Ps. Ignore the jelly people! LOL

  3. LOL I'm a qualified nail tech, but thanks for the advice. My nails are in great condition. I always use base coat but I'm not gonna state that in every single video because it gets kinda boring 😉 xx

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