POP ART DIVA PATREON video Voice & Stickers

Become a Patron Of The Arts by subscribing to my Patreon Creator Membership Platform!
Sign up here: https://www.patreon.com/PopArtDiva
to get these Patron Benefits:

First, you get to tell people that you’re a bonafide PATRON OF THE ARTS!
Then you get other goodies depending on your level of patronage, including (but not limited to):
1. The opportunity to commission an original work. Available from me no where else.
2. Discounts on my original artwork and hand painted watercolor art jewelry.
3. Downloads of my contemporary art, abstract art and my coloring pages for your personal use. (Print cards, posters, t-shirts, pages to color, etcetera!) All art styles will be offered to each Patron, you can pick and choose!
4. Downloads of my Unwatermarked Daily Doodles – quick little drawings of something that moved my artistic muse for a moment.
5. Downloads of Work In Progress sketches, along with commentary.
6. Access to Patron Only Live Feed Art Tutorials, Works in Progress and Demonstrations.


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