Eye Candy | The Crazy World of David LaChapelle – Exclusive Preview

Rent or download the complete film at vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/davidlachapelle

Inspired by the great Andy Warhol, eccentric photographer David LaChapelle has created a surreal and boundless world where women are pictured swinging from crystal chandeliers, squashed by giant hamburgers and half-swallowed by sharks. Renowned for the wild imagination and erotic charge of his images, LaChapelle has become the hottest photographer of the moment, and celebrities are tripping over themselves to be made immortal by him. In New York roads are closed when his gallery opens a new exhibition, and in Italy he is known as ‘the Fellini of photography’. Featuring the artist’s shots of Justin Timberlake, Pamela Anderson and Elton John, this documentary follows LaChapelle while he works, exposing how and why his photographs come together. It tracks the input of his creative entourage as they transform studio surroundings, and delves into LaChapelle’s complex sources of inspiration, as he grapples with the brutally commercialised and profoundly pornographic industry which he both embodies and satirises with one click of his shutter.

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