Personalised Items for Children’s Bedrooms

Children all have their own unique personalities, likes and dislikes. What better way to express those than in a personally designed, hand made name plaque for their door?

Anyone whose name isn’t one of the most popular ten or twenty must have looked at the personalised name plates in shops and wished their name would sometimes be there. Or perhaps you found your name but didn’t like the design of the plaque. Well, no more.

Whether your child is a traditionally girly girl, a football mad boy, fascinated by dinosaurs, obsessed with trains or cars, you can incorporate what makes your child the person he or she is into a name plaque specifically designed with those interests in mind. Modern laser cutting allows manufacturers to create a range of wooden shapes which an artist can put together with your child’s name to make a truly personalised and unique product.

To choose a plaque, consider:

  • Your child’s interests and likes. Space rockets? Cars? Dinosaurs? or Football? How about their name on a football pitch picked out in their team’s colours? Or would they prefer a beautiful bouquet of flowers around their name?
  • Type of plaque. Should it be mounted on a back board, hanging from a ribbon or stuck with sticky pads to the door? Or would a boardless design work better?
  • Is the name quite short, so would look better with large letters (say 12cm)? Or is it a long name better rendered by smaller 8cm letters?

Thinking about and having such a plaque made will mean a lot more to you and your child than settling for an off-the-shelf generic design.

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