43 Replies to “Friday Nights: Core Values”

  1. Cam is right. Mill and Kill are the second and third best things in Magic. The best of coarse is tutoring. Tutoring means winning the game. Speaking of which, when is another useable tutor going to get printed?

  2. This has bothered me since the beginning of Friday Nights – is the transition music an electronic version of Nativity In Black by Black Sabbath? also Deerhunter and Television on one? I've found my new favorite joke walker.

  3. Was playing a 4 player mill game with 4 mill decks, they all decided to focus me after I had 7 mana, with 2 psychic corrosion out, all I had left in my library was nexus of fates. They didn't want to play mill after that one anymore haha

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