Movie Auditions to Look Out For

If you believe that you got an acting talent that boasts some degree of respect, and do want to share this talent with the world then you need to find yourself an audition finder. There are a dime a dozen audition finders and when you scroll through them. These are the likely ongoing auditions that you are bound to find for the year 2012:

• ABC channel: From the ABC Family, there are basically two auditions that are currently ongoing, Make it or break it and The Secret life of an American Teenager. Make it or Break it is currently in its third season whilst the Secret life of an American citizen is currently on its fifth season. This is but just one of the eleven auditions that this network is presenting for auditions.

• E!: From the entertainment channel E comes another reality TV show that is bound to become a hit in 2012; the title (Scouted) in many respects is revealing or for want of a better word- self explanatory. The cameras on this show will train their lens on aspiring models and the tough road that they essentially have to travel in the fashion industry; the long and short of it is that for an audition on the show you need to be an aspiring model. This is the only audition that the network has opined to presenting this year.

• Outside the mainstream channels there is a raft of movies that are set to be released in 2012 that are essentially accepting auditions; in this list one will find the following as potential points of audition: Captain America 2 (the Paramount Pictures Production is slated for production in 2014, the producers are in the meantime in the process of conducting a nationwide recruitment for diverse roles hoping to rope in actors from different nationalities). The second movie that is currently rolling off set and been described as potentially the largest movie in the year 2013 is titled After Earth- starring Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith. The $ 100 million budget film is scouting for talent from all nationalities from folk just like you.

This is just a basic highlight of some of the movies that are in the pipeline this year, the audition categories are further classified into movie extras, TV sitcoms, theater performances, voice overs, and a raft of other presentations that one can think of or better still that one can utilize their talent on.

All the best in your search for movie auditions.

Source by Michael Joseph Johnson

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