Pop Art Nails! [collab with superminx66]

Hey everyone! This is my second collab, and I would like to introduce the awesome superminx66. I believe she has an imagination worth recognising and we decided to paint Pop-Art inspired nails together, because we think Pop-Art is cool. Yep.

I decided to go with the funky “Ka-Pow” look, while superminx66 did an alternative and painted a Pop-Art face. I LOVE eyes on nails. Check out her design here:

If you want to check out her other funky original nail art designs, click here:

I will not be doing any more collaborations for a loooong time now. As much as I love doing them and they’re a great way to share nail art, I just don’t have time to make any more promises.
I had so much fun doing this 🙂
Hope you enjoy!

The design on my right hand is just a neon pink and orange version of my mushroom design I posted a while ago. I already have another mushroom design planned and I don’t want my channel to be a full-blown mushroom field so there will be no video for this design. KA-POW!!

Site where I get my brushes:

If you like to re-create my designs, or inpire me with your own…

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Nothing in this video is illegal, cheap, cheesy, infringing, rude or offensive and does not need to be removed. You can pretty much see that if you watch it. Thanks xx
And my nails are real. Yep x

Music Credits:
Song name: Gem Droids
Music composed and provided by Danosongs
Website: www.danosongs.com


32 Replies to “Pop Art Nails! [collab with superminx66]”

  1. God! It's so intresting. I watch it all the time. Is the fulfillment of everything I dreamed. Now I have to buy some acrylic paints and a few brushes. Then I will paint everything what I want to paint! Mabe my nalis wont be as good as yours but its still good :3
    (And Im sorry for mistakes, but I'm from Poland ^^)

  2. i just did my nails like this… well, i changed it up a lil but you inspired me. i wish i can email it to you for i can show you how it came out. do you have an email address for i can mail it to you? thank u.

  3. I cant stand that in every one of your videos I always have to expect someone saying " your nails are too long" and then you reply with a savvy comment (ps lol that's one of the reasons your cool) Z:( gets me upset. I understand how you must fell because my brother has long curl semi- straight hair and these idle minded country bumbkins say your hair is too long go get it cut. They don't tell girls that! Even at the school they tell boys put your hair up in a bun! Girls let your fake hair out!:)

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