Add a Little Whimsy to Your Life

Whimsical art is a playful combination of colors and images that utilize a carefree style to express a variety of emotions from fairy tale delight to nightmarishly disturbing. Themes are often unsettling, surreal and humorous. They frequently combine anthropomorphic (partially human) beings or more traditional creatures in imaginative and unique ways. Often associated with picture books, this style of art is showing up in swank art galleries, trendy coffee shops and living-room walls across the country.

James Christensen, based out of Orem, Utah utilizes world myths, fables and tales to create his elaborate works of art. Each painting is a world where the fantastic and outlandish reside side by side with the achingly beautiful. His attention to detail results in a complex finished products that provide new insights and surprises each time they are viewed.

Pristine Catera-Turkus loves that her art work makes people smile. She draws upon such fantastical subjects as mermaids, angels, flora and fauna and even brightly decorated sugar skulls used for the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead to create works of art that are both startling and irresistible. Her bright colors, fresh themes and folk art/whimsical style sets her work apart as an artist to watch.

You’ll find pink polar bears, rainbow-hued giraffes and violet-purple Bison in the work of artist Clara Nilles. Clara’s drawings and paintings feature wellknown animals in vivid and surprising color combinations. These startling yet attractive tones reach out to patrons and touch them on an emotional level.

Up and coming Irish artist Thomas Joseph Stephenson, known simply as Thomas Joseph of Carrickfergus, Ireland, employs a country primitive style to create his whimsical and humorous paintings. Featuring a host of barnyard characters including the endearing sheep for which his work is known, Thomas’s drawings have gained a following both in Europe and in the United States. The bright colors and simple lines of his work convey a warm and cheerful feeling to young and old alike. Thomas uses the rural scenes of his homeland as inspiration for his popular collection, and his artwork can be found on a variety of specialty gift products, note cards and framed prints.

Individuals, who choose whimsical themes in the art work they display, the note cards and stationery they send, and even the calendar they use, demonstrate their zest for life, and a desire to look beyond the ordinary in their world, to find the extraordinary.

Source by Deanne Blackhurst

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