African Sun

Your brilliance overwhelms the lands. Heavenly creation. Work of God’s hands.

Who of all his wonders burns as bright as you. Lighting up the heavens as only you will do.

Left breathless at your beauty. O’ Luminous creature from on high.

No words to truly capture you; a perfect vision in the sky.

Your fires illuminate the African earth. Your appearance each day a radiant rebirth.

You touch the Africas, all creatures, great and small. A celestial blaze prepared for one and all.

Your strength we feel as day goes on. Your intensity forceful; breezes gone.

We seek the shade as you burn bright. Man, and beast find shelter from your sight.

Your strength reflected in your effervescent glow, and fiery rays that pierce us to and fro.

What is like you O African sun? What can compare to or is like this one?

Painted skies made majestic by your mark. But soon you fade away as you let in the dark.

As night steps in and takes your place. The land will sleep till you awake.

Your faithful sentinels assist the night, offering up glimmers of sparkling lights.

When night in turn lets go its post, we long to receive our glorious host.

Our hope renewed as you appear. Our glorious African Sun is here.

Source by Faith McDermott

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