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44 Replies to “Art pop Nail Art”

  1. This was the first video I watched of yours and I remember thinking, "How does she not have a plan?! How can she just start a set of nails without preparing like she was going to war before hand?!?!" Your art always turns out great. You are a true artist and I am finally to the point where I feel like I can start attempting your elaborate designs. But I still need to prepare for war before I start 😉 Thanks for not being selfish with your amazing talent!

  2. you are the first person to ever ask me this. i pick them. i do not let mean, whining, evil people sit in my room. if they act evil or mean i immediately kick them out and all of my clients respect each other, respect my time, respect that i run behind. i have a waiting list that lasts YEARS. some of the girls who get in now have been waiting 5 years for an appointment. it is very hard. that is why i decided to share my craft…because i cannot keep it all to myself. it needs to be shared.

  3. @robinmosesnailart oh cool! is that what most people use? because like i'm always imagining people having a whole cupboard of nailpolishes but i guess not… o.O
    would it rub out quicker than varnish or will it stay longer??

  4. @robinmosesnailart wow! htis is amazing, although i've still not gotten the chance to try it out yet… i have a question though, would it have the same effect if i used acrylic paint? would it go away easier or quicker or something like thaT?

  5. these are awesome, just thought id say i recently have started using acrylic paint instead of nail polish on designs because i find its easier to get the color u want and its not as thick and dries quicker :), thanks for all the great videos ur one of my favs 🙂

  6. @YummyNails thank you yummy! i havent seen you in forever! *huge hug* my love to you!!! i swear girl, i am gonna work until i see your country if it kills me!!!!! :DD:D:D:D:D professionaldq and i made pop nails should join in and link up and we can make a community of our work all on the same was fun for me to join in 😀 xoxoxoxoxo

  7. @bellaj3ssica its just craft paint you get at the craft store. i show it in my FAQ videos (link on the front left hand side of youtube) just bottles of paint over polish…then clear topcoat 🙂 xoxoxo

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