Art Meets Violence With Andy Warhol

He was a star artist and provocateur. She was a radical feminist playwright. They briefly collaborated — but in 1968, art and violence were inseparable.

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16 Replies to “Art Meets Violence With Andy Warhol”

  1. It’s interesting but attributing all of these politically violent things to this act in Andy Warhol’s life is a bourgeois notion to say the least. Mishima was always a fascist and called for violence. Manson had already been violent. In the video it feels like these things spring from that act of violence rather than things they’d already been doing

  2. I love this but can you, you know, not make it this dumb and "relatable" by putting a millennial twist to it? We are fully capable of listening and learning even if it isn't made this way. Let your content carry itself and don't try so hard to be relatable

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