Five Simple Kids Face Painting Tips

Face painting is a fun and enjoyable activity to do. You do it all the time on your 7-year-old daughter and her friends during Halloween and Christmas. But what if your daughter asked you if she and her friends could try it too? Now you are caught in between. You desperately want to support their creativity but you do not want to have to clean up their mess every time they come to your house to face paint. What will you do? If you are in this agonizing dilemma, fret no more. Here are 5 simple face painting tips for kids that will surely help you with damage control.

First, instruct them on the proper decorum in painting. Examples of this are, while painting, there should be no running around the house, they should avoid touching the furniture and appliances and they should stick to their designated painting area. Add that if they break any of these rules, there will be consequences. Studies show that children tend to follow rules more if it is explained to them in a respectful and concise manner.

Second, assign a special area just for painting. Make sure that the area is large enough and that there is no furniture or appliances nearby that might get damaged. The basement or backyard is a good place for activities like this.

Third, prepare everything in advance. Face paint, brushes, sponges, soap and water, tissue and of course, a huge mirror for viewing the finished product should be included in the set-up.

Fourth, assign partners. To avoid squabble among the children, assign partners for each of them and instruct them to take turns painting on each others face. Let the children draw their designs first on paper so that they will get a good picture of what to paint.

Fifth, after everyone gets done, admire their creations and take pictures of the finished product. Children bloom under praise rather than criticism.

With these sure-fire steps, you can be sure your child will enjoy his first face painting experience and that you will be worry-free.

Source by Cindy Lee

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