Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

Lone Star Rocker’s vlog July 12th 2018. Had to stop by the Andy Warhol museum and I’m glad I did, Wow! An incredible collection of screen prints, drawings, early designs and commercial art and photography by one of the most influential artists for Pop art of the 20th century. He makes me want to buy a wig.

Andy Warhol museum –

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Ceramic Christmas Trees

Most people looking for a ceramic Christmas tree have something specific in mind, so if this applies to you it will pay you to regularly check what is available to buy online, and the price, which usually depends on the size and condition of the ceramic tree. At the bottom of this article, we show you where you can find ceramic Christmas trees of all types and all price ranges which are currently on sale.

Quite often, tabletop ceramic Christmas trees on sale online will be vintage, rather than new items, and will date from the 1940s to the 1990s. There is a large range of styles, with some types of ceramic Christmas tree being frankly hideous, and only attractive to an avid collector, while other styles are well designed by a ceramic artist with some talent, and so are fairly attractive pieces to own.

Ceramic Christmas trees are often glazed, or decorated and painted by hand, and will feature glass jewels. These glass jewels will glow when the tree is turned on, as they often are hollow, with a light bulb inside. More recent ones may come with Christmas lights. This kind of tree will cost from about $7 upwards, depending on size.

The rarer and more collectible trees, which often date from the 1940s, are always attractively colored and glazed, and usually individually numbered. These can cost from $150 upwards.

New porcelain trees, which are lit from inside, are also available from about $120. Some ‘Christmas’ trees currently on the market are actually disguised cigarette lighters, with stackable ashtrays, the trays forming the layers of the tree.

Other types of ceramic Christmas tree may have a music box incorporated in them, which will play a seasonal tune. These usually come from the 1960’s, though new versions are also coming onto the market.

It is also possible to buy unpainted or ‘bisque’ ceramic Christmas trees, which you can then decorate yourself. The decoration can be by painting, or by using your own glaze, if you have a kiln. Some versions of these trees are flat, rather than round, and are designed to go on a narrow shelf.

Source by Skip Dunbeacon

Tutorial Photoshop – Efecto Andy Warhol

Conviene subir el volumen.

Un tutorial muy sencillo que explica como hacer un efecto similar al de los cuadros de Andy Warhol (con photoshop en nuestro caso xD).

Consiste en ir jugando con los niveles, el cuarteado y los colores para obtener el resultado deseado.

Video HD:


Decoupage Ideas

Decoupage is an old Japanese technique of decorating using thirty layers. Today, we don’t generally use thirty layers and our decoupage designs usually come from magazine pages or paper cut outs instead of fancy rice paper and other paper that was designed specifically for this medium. Now, decoupage is the art of gluing designs to a box or a piece of furniture in combination with special effects, gold leafing and painting techniques. Each layer is then varnished over to get rid of the stuck on look. Usually, multiple layers of varnish are used.

Decoupage is a very popular handicraft at the moment. There are many different techniques that people use depending on the type of piece they are working on. It is often called the “poor man’s art”. The list of items that people use are numerous. There is not anything that you can’t use to decoupage with. Often times, people use napkins, stickers, newspaper clippings, scrapbooking papers and sometimes even fabric.

Decoupage is a great get-together activity to do with your friends. You can trade decorations and spend hours together hanging out and working on your projects. Here are some great tips that will also help to not only improve your decoupage, but are just great ideas too.

Decoupage can be a messy project. If you keep a damp cloth near by to clean up messes and keep your fingers clean so you don’t muddy up the next piece that you intend on using.

Although decoupage is French for “to cut” sometimes if it better to tear your pictures or papers out. This gives your designs a more antique look and they sometimes lay down flatter than if you were to have cut them.

Make sure that you always use copies of your photos and original documents. That way, if you need that photo or that copy of your marriage license, then you can still use it when you need. On this note, never use photos copied from an ink jet printer either. The ink will just smudge and run.

One of the most important things to make sure that you purchase when you are starting out are utility knives and a straight edge paper cutter. That way your photos will come out straight. Also use the finest scrapbooking papers for best results.

Make sure that you give each layer plenty of time to dry before you apply each layer. If you do not give proper drying time, then your project will look sloppy and unfinished.

Source by Jom Adastico

Bar Stools and Counter Stools Complete Your Space

There is something to be said about a space that has been lovingly designed down to the very last detail. Oftentimes, it is the small details, not the large pieces of furnishings, which truly tie a room together and make it work.

Take for instance bar and counter stools. Sure, bar stools may seem insignificant when it comes to furnishing your kitchen and dining areas, but they can really make a difference in your space. By selecting the right bar stools or counter stools for your area, you can tie together all of the different design elements in your kitchen and dining areas and really make them complement each other and work together.

And there is such a large variety of bar stools to choose from that you can incorporate the use of counter and bar stools into any décor no matter if it is contemporary, formal or country. You can choose barstools from popular styles such as Provence, Bordeaux and Manchester, just to name a few. And you can also choose from many different materials including wood, wrought iron, textured fabrics and leather to make your space truly unique.

Take for instance the Hills of Provence Collection bar stool by Powell. This exquisitely carved barstool reflects the enchanting richness of Mediterranean French Country living. With its hand carved crest rail, carved scalloped apron rails in a rich antique white finish with sand-through highlights; it’s a great complement to any living space. The bar stool is upholstered with a Lattice Fabric.

If your space is a bit more formal than country, perhaps the classic, elegant, and majestic, the Fleur De Lis Swivel counter stool is just what you have been looking for. This swivel counter stool has a warm cherry finish with golden highlights and black leather seat and is the perfect compliment to any luxuriously decorated space.

If you prefer sleek, modern lines in your living space, the Bristol Vinyl Swivel bar stool may be perfect for your space. This bar stool features a chrome finish with a vinyl seat that is available in blue, red and black. This comfortable stool offers a clean and elegant modern look for any home.

Those who are romantic at heart often enjoy the draping rope accents, gracefully curved legs, intricate castings, and the fabulous golden bronze finish of the Canterbury Swivel counter stool. With an inspiring combination of beautifully finished metal and easy to maintain faux buckskin leather, this stool is a stunning and romantic addition to any home.

And you do not have to spend a fortune to add that finishing touch to your space with bar stools or counter stools. Beautiful and stylish counter and bar stools can be purchased for as low as $100 each. Of course, you can spend a great deal more than that if your tastes and wallet lead you in that direction.

But in the end it does not really matter how much you choose to spend, you will love the added touch that the addition of bar stools and counter stools brings to your space.