Henri Matisse’s Modern Art Revolution | M2M

As a leading figure of the modern art movement, Henri Matisse changed the way the world looks at color and form. Explore how Matisse’s work has been referenced in every form of pop art imaginable and admired by artists and fashion designers alike.

A rival to Matisse, see how Pablo Picasso helped shape modern art
► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgl2V3kVRBY&t=0s&list=PLaT9mKYgyGNZI0Qq-oQrn9dQ_n7jmNEOh&index=42

The Incredible Painter, Georgia O’Keeffe
► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCwwttOl5og&index=9&list=PLaT9mKYgyGNYRtrxPT27xnW-qMuaRJSGT&t=0s

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Living Room Decoration and Design Ideas

Your living room takes up a number of different roles which requires challenging decorating techniques and demands proper planning. You may want your room to cater and entertain your guests, or you might want it to be your relaxing casual space accommodating only your leisure activities for example watching TV, reading or mingling with family members. So before you begin to decorate your living room, plan out your budget and accommodate your planning according to it. This article will present your some economic ways to bring color to your living room and enhance its decoration.

Splash Your Niche

You can add a dash of color and shade by painting a single wall with a bold color. This will change the central point of your room without the help of any expensive or lavish decorating item. Niches and alcoves are perfect places to paint. A splash of some bold color which may be a darker tone of the rest of the walls or be compliment to your general color theme of the living room, is the perfect way to bring a creative change in your living room.

Toss Some Sofa Cushions

You can also add some cushions or pillows to your furniture, which adds color to your solid furniture. Bright and patterned cushions add the right color to your room furniture and also include comfort to your seating.

The Mother Nature effects

You can use the help of green plants or flowers to add not just color to your living room but also personality and fragrance. It adds a good and soothing feeling to your room. However, if you are not fond of plants inside the house or cannot take much care of the plants then you may opt for artificial flowers which only need to be dusted.

Install a Fancy Lamp

For a more classic look, add an interesting, fancy lamp inside your room. You can install electrical components inside some pot or sculpture of your choice which gives exclusiveness and personality to your room. The yellow lights play a soothing role and are immensely seductive.

Color the Floor

You can start to clear the floor by adding a colorful rug in your living room which adds texture and some fun element in the room. Using it on top of hardwood flooring or plain carpets can create an interesting effect. Try to opt for rugs which share the theme of the entire living room.

Artsy personalization

Personalize your family room in an artsy manner by adding a family photo gallery on a plain wall. Frame your photos and place them strategically on the wall to add color and uniqueness to your living room. You can further add decorative objects around the room on shelves, racks or tables. Antique objects, photos, jars of dry fruit or candies may be used.

Changing Trends in Indian Cinema

Indian cinema is leveling up to the international level. The trends are modern yet depicting the Indian set up. There are skilled professionals who have taken cinematography to an elevated level. Film launches and promotions are eclectic happenings with careful research and marketing skills. The earlier trends in Indian cinema was more specifically related to the Indian audience but the recent incline is towards a global concept.

Parallel cinema is very much a reflection of the happenings in the society. Again this kind of cinema is also emerging to be a modern subject. There are actors who are willing to explore their skills in experimenting with bold and untouched subjects. Actors are going global by also accepting offers abroad. It is an idea to hold premiere shows abroad and releases are also designed to get the patronage of the NRI audience.

Music in Indian cinema has gained prominence. Details of the background score is of international value. The promos and teasers prior to release of a movie are slotted with television channels to attract the masses and spike their curiosity. Indian film makers enjoy the source from foreign flicks, though Indianising the concepts is an experts job. There are many aspiring talents who go through a perfect schedule of film grooming and mentoring which was not very much a trend in the past.

Again the slotting of a persona as a character artiste or a villain is no more typical. The adaptation to a particular role is done with much ease as actors and directors work with an open concept to achieve the demand of the role. The protagonist of a film is very much supported by other star cast and multi star casting is the latest phenomenon. The looks are chipper with much efforts on style and body image. The demand of the role for each film is indicated while presenting the script during the ‘sittings’ and the actor morphs beautifully into the mould. Film making is an intelligent activity and the digital technology as well acoustics requires constant updates. Job avenues are opening up in the field of animation and music industry. The competition is tough as the bar is high on perfection.

The passion in Indian cinema is well maintained with growing benefaction. The films are also Indian in terms of family bonding and virtues. Modern parallel cinema is bold, comedy is original, cult films are being conceptualized and there is a constant passion to improve. Foreign locales are being explored to create the ‘never before’ scenes and there is a certain crispness to the impression. Glamor goes full-on during the award functions with celebrity felicitation and performances.

Source by Rajni Seth

Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors are an alternative to regular fireplace screens. When I originally set out to find all the necessary accessories to go along with my new fireplace, I thought that I would simply purchases a traditional fireplace screen. Yet, after looking at the various fireplace doors that are available, I decided that these would make a more attractive fireplace.

There are fireplace doors that are single doors that cover the entire fireplace opening, and there are two piece fireplace doors that open on hinges with the connecting seam running down the middle of the fireplace opening.

These two types of fireplace doors make up the vast majority of fireplace doors, yet there are some more contemporary and unique styles that don’t quite fir into either of these categories. Additionally, not all fireplace doors are sold as complete units. With some types of fireplace doors, you will have to purchase the framing portions separately from the individual fireplace door pieces.

Be sure that you know which type of fireplace doors that you are purchasing, as to whether or not they will require additional framework to complete the opening and door installation. Some fireplace doors do come with everything that is required to complete your fireplace.

Of course buying the individual fireplace doors separate from the finishing framing pieces has its advantages. With this type of fireplace doors, you have more room to customize the design specifically to your liking.

There are fireplace door frames in nearly every type of material and finish imaginable, from gold, silver and pewter, to iron and many other types of materials. Whether your décor is dark, light or somewhere in between, there are fireplace door frames for every style or taste you may desire.

Though many people consider fireplace curtains to fit more in the fireplace screen category, I believe they fit more accurately within the fireplace doors category, as they can be placed in either a closed, open or partly open position.

A more expensive, yet truly unique look is to incorporate bi-fold glass fireplace doors. These lovely fireplace doors contain four panels of polished and tempered glass panels. Each half of these fireplace doors bends in the middle and slides along ball bearings located at the top and bottom of the doors. These typically also feature draft control at the bottom section of the doors.

I found just the right set of fireplace doors at http://fireplacesnow.com and was about to place an order when I decided to take a look and see if I couldn’t find the same set of doors for less on eBay. I didn’t think I’d be able to save that much, if any, money, but also thought it was worth a try.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the exact same model of bi-fold fireplace doors were for sale on eBay, and from a reputable seller, nonetheless. Ok, so these fireplace doors had been used, which is not what many people would want to buy. For me, this was a very attractive option, as they cost more than $1,000 when brand new. I walked away with a gently used set of fireplace doors for about $200. I certainly recommend perusing all the various options before committing to one.

How Do You Hang Posters in a Display Booth?

When you own a business, setting up a trade show booth at a convention or a trade show can be a great way to sell and showcase your products. Why would you want to set up a trade show booth? Well, it’s because doing so is a great way for you to get new customers. You create leads and you get your company’s name out there for people to see and recognize. In the meantime, you’re doing something that they remember such as giving away free items, conducting contests, and playing games. But you have to bring attention to your display booth before people will take the time to stop by. Hanging posters in your display booth is one way to do that.

Hanging posters

There are several ways in which you can hang posters in a display booth. First of all, you can get a screen to place in the background. These screens allow you to hang signs posters, and other types of media. However, you do have to have something such as a snap frame to keep the poster from curling up. This also keeps you from having to attach the poster at all corners. A snap frame allows you to attach the poster in one or two places.

You an also look into easels. You can place your posters in frames and set them up on easels in front of your display booth. Then again, you can get tabletop easels and let them sit on top of your table. The only downfall to that is the fact that they may be too large. When they are too large, they can cover up your product or place a barrier between you and the customer.

If it is allowed, you may be able to hang your posters from the rafters of the building you are in. That is if you are in a building. Some trade shows are held outside, so that can make this a bit difficult. However, inside it can be quite beneficial, especially if your posters are large enough to see from across the arena. If they are not large enough to see from across the arena, you may find that hanging them from the ceiling is something that will not work out too well.

Whatever you do, make sure that you keep them as close to eye level as possible. Now hanging from the ceiling is not eye level, but people will see them from far away. It has something to do with how we look at things from a distance, which is why there are many who will take advantage of the ceiling if they can.

Placement is key

Just know that placement is key when it comes to hanging posters on and around your trade show display. You have to make sure your posters are seen, but you need to ensure they are not covering up anything important. You have to make sure they are attractive enough to get your trade show display the attention that it deserves. Something that is dull and dingy is not going to get the attention that you wish to have. You want something that represents you and will leave a lasting impression. Nevertheless, you don’t want to be annoyingly loud.

So if you’re looking for a great way to bring attention to your trade show display, posters are a great way to do that. How the posters are displayed will make an impact because people respond to placement and display method. Never hang a poster without some sort of framing because it can roll, wrinkle, and so much more.

10 Popular Website Design Trends for 2018

Comfort and Minimalism

Keep it simple: Minimalism goes on as a popular trend with more white spaces that give a clean, versatile design.

Slow yet detailed animations can achieve comfort. Content should be short but focused. This is to make sure that your message is conveyed to visitors at first glance.

Keep in mind that… First impression lasts.

Futuristic Designs

When it comes to futuristic design, designers outpace movies.

When going over leading designs, you will usually see a highly technological work or huge data visualization. Data points have increased to 20X in the last 3 years, which makes them difficult to understand.

Custom Illustrations, Videos

An image speaks louder than words. In addition, they save space and capture the interest of users.

A study reveals that the time spent on a website increases by 100% when a page includes at least one image or video.

Videos never fail to impress since 85% of shoppers would most likely make a purchase after viewing a demonstration.

Shadows to Create an Illusion of Depth

Shadows are popular in the designers world since they create more depth. They allow you to turn your flat design to semi-flat. Shadows, as well as slight variation of colors, can be used for the following:

  • making CTA’s seem raised when they are about to be clicked
  • establishing a visual order among elements

Note: Refrain from using too many shadows.

Responsive Web Design and Logos

Since Google became the leader in search engines, web developers have become comfortable using Responsive web design. This is also seen in logos as well. All these can be attributed to Google.

At present, brands need a responsive website and logo design to maintain their presence before their target audience – no matter what device they use.

Minimalist Images

To effectively draw a user’s attention on a particular item, it is best to use a plain background to focus more on a specific detail. This strategy is always used in e-commerce. Web designers are now applying it to boost CTA.

More Blank Spaces

Web designers use blank spaces now more than ever. This is since a negative space makes a user focus on something valuable. This is, for example, the product you are selling with optimized CTA.

Animations, Cinegraphs, Gifs

Users would rather watch stories than read text. Motion could easily capture a user’s interest more than anything else. This is the reason why Instagram is successful.

Animations, cinegraphs and Gifs can be used to create striking web pages, news letters and banners, among others. These terms are familiar to users of social media.

Add animations to let users go smoothly throughout navigation and loading screens, to name a few.


Micro-interactions can be seen everywhere. They differ from animations in a way that is difficult to explain. Just refer to the example that follows.

They are used in creating highly interactive user interfaces so the users do not have to visit and scroll down the pages.

Bright Gradients and Vivid Colors

After a long period of absence, gradients are back online. Gradients 2.0, with their distinct colors, are fast becoming popular.

Elementary Art – Romero Britto Drawing

This is an art project I like to do with different grade levels. I will go as young as kindergarten with it because it teaches so many different concepts, but of course the older students can have fun with it too and they will of course get a more polished result. Students start by drawing a cartoonish animal. I like requiring them to draw animals because it is a complex challenge for them but also brings in a little bit of the cute factor to make it engaging. One of the foundational skills all kids need is learning to draw complex designs as a collection of simple shapes. Cartoon imagery is great for practicing and developing that skill. Next, they add lines and shapes to break up the drawing giving it the fragmented appearance of a cubist piece although my younger students seem to make a better connection to something like a puzzle. Finally, they color one small shape at a time putting different colors and patterns into each shape. As a final step, I recommend students outline with black. It helps make the picture look neater and tends to make the colors pop a little more.