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  1. Great Vid Odious Soul! Hey, when you get a sec, I made a vid about connections to the Flutterby and the Chase. Its the only vid on my channel. Would love your feedback. Thanks and Glad your back!

  2. The 200ft to me is "FROM THERE." is a NPS sign they are missing the creek when it comes to the end is near there walking right a pass the creek. If a searcher says I came up on a sign from the canyon down then ff would know there 200ft from the TC

  3. I can answer that question better than anyone else, I have found almost every clue there is all in the same area, My last trip just 2 days ago I had to cut short because of health and weather issues but I did find a old line cabin, 1 room no heating water or anything, just behind the cabin was a large pile of fire wood each piece 3 or 4 foot long and 250 feet behind that was a spring (water high?) there is a dirt road or path I should say that runs right in front of  it. Is this water high and heavy loads? interestingly the last 3 numbers of  Lat/ lon read 42.3 and 32.8 and they point to the back side of this place

  4. Hey Shannon, don't forget about the LuckyLove video clip with Fenn actually saying it was because of a photo… I guess you did mention a photo taken there. So we know that one of the searchers has sent a photo to f or published a photo within 200' AND we know that one of the 200' club is known on the blogs!! kinda cool

  5. I know a lot of people who have told Fenn exactly where they’re going. And how is it that many people have been within 500 feet, several people have been within 200 feet, but no one is going to stumble upon it?!

  6. One of the lines in the poem states:

    "There’ll be no paddle up your creek,"

    If the creek is dry, or low most of the year, you could walk along the creek bed and perhaps the treasure is within 200' (or 500') of the creek.

    "If you are brave and in the wood"

    Get out of the creek and go into the woods (or even a hollow tree?).

    He says the treasure box will be wet, but that it's not underwater.

    Fog and snow could make it wet, and make it difficult to see. Mountains have both fog and snow.

    I have more, but I'm waiting to take my vacation. ;p

  7. Shannon, you are completely off. You really have to understand what he meant by 200 ft. It can not be seen anywhere on Google Earth because it does not go down that far. I have been one of those person who have been with in 200 feet, I know. Lets just say I seen where it is hidden. I was going to go in June but during my 9 hour drive there, I decided not too finish. That's how I roll. I will say here and have said on many blogs, I don't want it.

  8. Great topic – agreed about a landmark. It could also be a path/route that people have described that passes within 200’ – I also wonder if it’s actually closer than 200’ since Fenn says ‘within’

  9. We dont know if 200 feet is up, down, lateral… gotta think about altitude too. I don't know. Gypsy kiss still thinks New Mexico… that Fenn alwasyys mentioned North of Santa Fe before mentioning the Rocky Mountains after the Chest and Chase got Publicity…

  10. Great video…the 200 ft is obviously an EXACT location…very specific.. people are delusional if they believe that with a perfect WWWH and HOB they "should" be able to find the chest. My opinion is that the poem gets much harder the further it goes.
    Imagine the frustration to have a knowing solve (not a guess or maybe) and get at least 5 clues right and still have no idea….

  11. Searchers who were within 200 feet may have not been there actively searching. Those people who were withing 500 feet may not have even been searchers. The thread that ties them all together is that they contacted Fenn and disclosed their location. My guess is a road that T's into another, the treasure being 500 feet from a main road and 200 feet from another side road. Or, the difference is caused by elevation, i.e hikers in a valley with searchers driving on a road above, one group 200 feet above or below the treasure, the other group 500 feet above or below it. Love ur posts, keep digging.

  12. The part we dont know is how many of the 500ft people were also within 200ft if not all of them.
    Where walmart is the end. If I drive past a Walmart I could be 500ft away. A searcher turned into walmart parking and they now 200ft away now. Lots of people were 500ft away, but if they too went to park they would be 200ft away as well.

  13. 200 ft is not very far at all. When I went outside, in my neighborhood in a city, from my house to another down the street that was 200 ft. away, I could certainly easily see (with my bad eyes!) a small 10 x 10 box because there was nothing in between except concrete sidewalk and asphalt road. No distractions. However, in a natural woodland setting, with plants and rocks, etc, anything that small would be hard to distinguish unless you have eagle eyes!

  14. IMO I feel that the 200 feet comments are the biggest clues he has given since this began. It tells us that people have figured out the first clues in the poem. Others have been within 500 feet. This tells me a few more have figured out the beginning. I firmly believe the beginning of the Madison is the start. Just as you do. It's just figuring out what tributary he went up.

  15. I have a great one. Warm Waters halt is steam engine train at Royal Gorge when gorge war happen.
    Gone alone in the incline rail and took it down there 1000' down by the Arkansas River and observation tower for train riders to observe the Hanging Bridge in
    the canyon below the home of Brown at the top of the canyon.
    It's no place for the meek. Walk onto the Hanging Bridge track and look down. You will have to get into the Arkansas River climb the wall over in there under the bridge.
    Look in the drift wood.
    Water outside of the wall is over your head as well as the train.
    There was a fire and incline rail has been closed permanently.
    200' From the observation tower.
    Probably no one's allowed on the bridge for sure.

  16. I think you have good insight and a logical method of working your solves. I also believe the clues in the poem, if you know which ones are important, are actual physical markers to where the chest is located.

  17. Great post. btw I received your donation Thank You! Can't imagine such an experience but you have managed to make the world a better place regardless. THANK YOU! So, imagine being THAT Poor Soul or Souls that was within 200' and know it. That would have to be tough, especially if they were within 200' more than once. Yikes for them!!

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