PETER BLAKE by Super Furry Animals and The Beatles

Back in 2000, Paul McCartney got together with Youth and Super Furry Animals and made an experimental CD entitled “liverpool sound collage.” It’s made up of sounds taken from The Beatles, using various noises and talking, overlapped with various musical beats, etc. It was considered to be an experimental pop album, though it borders more on the avant-garde, which Paul McCartney had a flare for, perhaps more so than John Lennon did. 3 Beatles released solo works that were considered avant-garde music, and The Beatles had their own Revolution 9. The CD is composed of 5 songs, and this is the 2nd one on the album. I’ve searched youtube and couldn’t find full versions of these songs, so I’m going to post them for any fan of The Beatles and of avant-garde music. Or as George Harrison once said, “Haven’t got a clue…” I’m not posting this as a video per say, so there’s no real video to see, but the music is there.
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One Reply to “PETER BLAKE by Super Furry Animals and The Beatles”

  1. "Rapidly…rapidly…rapidly…etc."

    "Number Nine…number nine…number nine…etc."

    Uhh…ring a bell…ANYONE??

    "What a shame, Mary Jane….
    What a shame, Mary Jane….
    What a Shame…what a shame… what a…what a….what….what…."

    Anybody? Sound familiar?

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