Andy Warhol – Empire ////////
The Empire State Building filmed for 8 consecutive hours from dusk till dawn of the following day, shot on the night of the 25th of June 1964 from the 44th floor of the Time Life Building. «Empire» is an object-trouvé, a ready-made that prefigured todays webcam images. It can also be considered a ‹structural film›: the obsessive repetition of the same image triggers our focus on the act of looking, on the value of the frame and most of all on the film duration. Time of reality and time of cinema are the same.


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  1. This would be better if it weren't a video camera pointed at a screen showing the film, making the image unstable. Empire itself is a beautiful concept and like all of Warhol's best you 'get it' immediately. For those who don't get it right away, give it time. Eventually it becomes a meditation. It reveals how full or empty is the viewer's mind.

  2. More Warhol bullshyterry. This was done by Jonas Mekas. The only thing Warhol did was tell him where to point the camera. Warhol had no technical skills whatsoever. He had other people do "his" prints. He didn't even know how to draw. HE was a constructed total POP fake.

  3. turn a camera on, switch out power sources and film rolls from time to time, call it art, make money, be remembered for doing absolutely nothing with your life. 8 hours watching paint dry. art. …right.
    it would be less terrifying if the alien zombie nazi dinosaurs would attack halfway through

  4. I love this movie. It scares me more than all those half-assed horror films like Ju-On The Grudge or The Excorcist. I mean, who needs that crap when you have the silent, all black with glowy Empire State Building being filmed by a shaky bright-flash filled camera for 8 hours?

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