Curiosity Killed The Cat – Down To Earth

1986) They appeared out of nowhere, as if they were transported from a parallel universe wherein blue-eyed soul was seen as rock & roll’s salvation in the late 80s. Likeminded groups like Johnny Hates Jazz, Waterfront, Living in a Box, and Curiosity

Killed the Cat all debuted and disappeared at the same time. Of the four Curiosity Killed the Cat leaned more towards the teen girl population that hung “Smash Hits” posters on their bedroom walls. The band’s lightweight funk and photogenic looks rewarded them with mainstream acceptance in their native England but America didn’t budge. Curiosity Killed the Cat was formed in 1984 by Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot (vocals), Julian Godfrey Brookhouse (guitar), Nicholas Bernard Throp (bass), Michael Drummond (drums), and Toby Anderson (keyboards). While in art school Volpeliere-Pierrot met Throp, who was then in a post-punk group called Twilight Children with the other future members of Curiosity Killed the Cat. After inviting him to sing Volpeliere-Pierrot became the band’s new lead singer. They recorded a track entitled “Curiosity Killed the Cat” which caught the interest of businessman Peter Rosengard, who eventually renamed the band after their song and became their manager. In 1985, Curiosity Killed the Cat was signed to Phonogram, and the group began making their first LP. However, producers Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare were taken off the project, replaced by Stewart Levine; as a result, the album was delayed for nearly a year. The toe-tapping single “Misfit” was released in July 1986, but it was not successful. The band gained much attention after Andy Warhol became a fan; he even did a cameo for the “Misfit” video. In early 1987 “Down to Earth” became a Top-10 hit in the U.K. Two years later the group shortened their appellation to Curiosity. 1992’s “Hang On In There Baby” peaked at No. 3 on the British charts, and the band disappeared from the music scene until they joined the 80s nostalgia Here and Now tour in 2001. ~ Michael Sutton, All Music Guide


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  1. Such a great video and a great song. I remember being at school with Ben and I sang in all the choral groups and boring stuff, Never knew he had such a good voice at the time. Fair play 🙂

  2. Ben tune listen to it every day. You are a star. Yes pretentious people don’t take heed of what they say mate. Your soul and aura is there for everyone’s see just wanna wanna be myself. Blees🤗

  3. I used to love CKTC, they take me back and BVP is the original UK smooth sounding guy from my childhood along with Rick Astley, Robert Palmer and of course Mr Mick Hucknall. I hope the band are well and you have my thanks guys for holding a lil place in my mind and heart. Peace and love..

  4. It’s a tune that I play to this day. Ben, I’m 48 you know. It sat alongside the likes of Loose Ends, Joyce SIms, PUblic Enemy and dear George Michael. It’s a powerful blue eyed soul track from around 86. I would go as far as say that track could rival the Smiths at the time. Ben, this tune is an old old Skool classic that I will play forever. Best regards and I hope you are well. Thank you for that sound, as it helped me feel good, equal and happy. Thank you so much for this sound. CYRIL.

  5. Amazing song and vocals from ben. The 80s was definitely the best decade for music and life was so much simpler. I wish i had a time machine and go back to then and stay there anyone joining me🛸🚀 80s rule forever 😍

  6. Such an underrated band. Their music is still fresh even after all these years.
    I saw them at the 'Town and Country club' in Camden in the 80s and they were amazing live!
    My friend and I even managed to sneak into an empty dressing room and pinched a yellow Zippo lighter which was my pride and joy whilst fondly imagining it to belong to Ben (Who I had a huge crush on at the time!)….
    Oh happy happy days….

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