Art & Craft | Make Wall Hanging Night lampshade with pop sticks | Useful Craft Idea

Art & Craft | Make Wall Hanging Night lampshade with pop sticks | Useful Craft Idea.
Easy DIY Ideas for Homedecor: Making Craft Stick Lampshade / Bedroom decor idea with Ice Cream Sticks.

In This project , i will show you how to make beautiful night lamp with ice cream sticks at home.

very easy and useful craft ideas . ( DIY Ice Cream Sticks Craft )

Below Some useful Crafts Ideas / Best Useful life hacks Tricks .

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The Importance of Preparation Before Making That Speech

It is very important to prepare one’s speech before getting making the actual presentation. Here are some tips in effective public speaking with regards to speech preparation.

Public speaking can be defined as a process of interacting with a crowd in an organized way. From this definition, it can be inferred that a speech should be prepared as much as possible in order to achieve an effective and organized speaking session. Through sufficient preparation, a positive outcome can be reached.

In order to be effective in public speaking, you must be prepared to combat anxiety so as to overcome it. Even professional public speakers encounter anxiety or fear. Their only difference is that they know how to overcome this undesirable feeling. Ample speech preparation helps to negate such nervousness.

Before making a speech, you should first research thoroughly on the information regarding your topic. Try to find information that can be easily relatable to your audience. You just need to be creative enough to fit your gathered information into a concise fashion and share them coherently with your audience. Also, the accuracy of your content is equally important as well. Out-of-date facts or figures would only damage your credibility.

In addition, your speech content will be useless if you cannot site any examples to further explain your key points. It is often said that if one is unable to explain something simply, one does not know it well enough. Remember to pare down your content into chewable bits for your audience. Do note that there are some audiences who may have difficulty in understanding a complex topic if examples or analogies are not presented. That’s why ‘check-back’ questions can be asked from time to time to gauge the receptiveness level of your audience.

The success of any speech is not only measured by its content but also on its delivery. It is absolutely crucial that preparation must be done in the area of delivery and style. No audience wants to listen to a boring speaker who behaves more like a ‘public reader’. Effective public speaking involves deciding on the approach on how to bring across your points to your audience. A funny, joke-laden presentation can work for some crowds but it may be a tad too casual or informal for others.

One of the best tips in public speaking isto perform dry runs in front of a mirror. By doing this, you will be able to observe any undesirable gestures that you may exhibit especially when anxiety gets the better of you. Be aware of these and make the necessary corrections so that no matter how you feel inside, the outer facade remains seemingly composed. A well-prepared speech helps a speaker cover all his bases. Effective public speaking can be achieved simply with proper preparation.

Source by Andy Pander

How to Build a Brick Wall at Home

Firstly I removed all the rubble from the collapsed wall and cleared the site.

Dig a foot deep trench always using a length of string as a straight edge.

Neatly position the string in a line where you want the front of the bricks to line up.

Next tie the string around a brick and lay it down at the exact place that you need to lay your first brick

Neatly stretch the string until the line is straight then weigh down the furthest end of the string with a normal size brick.

Neatly and accurately dig out the foundation.

You now have a trench with a very straight front, and you’re now ready to really start the work.

Mix up concrete using this formula.

3 parts sand, to 2 parts gravel to 1 part cement.

Really mix these items well together in a cement mixer.

Now it is all mixed, add water and create your concrete, with a good consistency.

Fill the trench with your newly made concrete.

Ensure it is just below ground level.

Smooth it out and lay a length of wood or if you have it, timber on the top and level it accurately with a spirit level.

Now you will find you have a truly level surface you can remove the length pf wood/timber and leave the concrete for a day to harden.

This is the base of your brick wall.

The rest of your bricks will sit on this and the concrete will share the weight of the brickwork.

Within twenty four hours you can start to lay the remaining bricks.

Mix up cement but this time without any gravel.

Three parts sand to one part cement is ideal.

Once again place your line of string at the front edge of the wall.

Take your first trowel full of mortar and smooth it over the concrete bed leaving between 1/2 inch ad 3/4 inch of mortar to lay the bricks on.

Make a bed of mortar for about ten bricks.

Lay the first brick on the cement.

Always use the spirit level to get it 100% flat.

Gently tap the brick with the handle of the trowel to firm it into place.

Cover one end of the next brick with mortar and place it next to the first one, pushing gently so that the mortar sticks them together.

Next move the length of string up to the front edge of the very first brick and gently put a weight on it to hold it firmly in.

Go to the far end of the wall and lay a brick there with the same 1/2 inch of mortar under it.

Position the string on the edge of this brick and gently weigh it down.

You now have a nice straight edge to work with.

Now you’re ready to lay your bricks.

Simple yet effective.

Remember if you need to find a suitable builder, always ask for their credentials and even testimonials, prior to employing them.

The internet is an ideal place to find decent builders, but be careful. Ask questions, ask for proof of their abilities.

It’s you they’re working for!

Creating the Perfect Craft Show Display

A craft show is one great opportunity for any crafts maker to showcase the products borne out of one’s creativity and hard work. The way you present your art will definitely affect the number of people that will visit your exhibit and pay attention to what you are selling.

One of the major items that you should focus your attention to is the craft show table. Remember that is where your products will be displayed and will serve as the stage for your show. Here are some tips that you can share and take note of to improve your exhibit and help in generating more sales for your craft.

Prepare a nice cover for your table. Place a table cloth that reaches down the floor and covers all the sides that can be seen by the public. Make sure that any boxes that you keep underneath will not be seen. Nobody would want to visit, much more buy from, a sloppy looking, shabby craft show booth. Your display should not look like it was just thrown together from leftover items in your garage.

First impressions last so many people would equate the quality of your work with the quality that they are seeing on your craft show table. People would think that your products are of low quality if the first thing that they see is a dirty, shaky table with scratches and all. The impression that you want to give is that you spent a lot of your precious time perfecting your craft and skills. And the time that you spend in making sure that your display will reflect that will all be worth the while.

There are several kinds of display tables that you can use to make sure that your display is going to be easier to manage, yet have the look of professional quality. First, there are instant tables that were made specifically for artists. These are tables that you can instantly prop up and create a sturdy but dramatic display. Most tables of this type are made with an aluminum top, locking connectors, a shelf, footpads, toggle buttons and allows easy height adjustments.

There are also plastic resin folding table that can do the work for you. These types of tables would normally work where wood tables cannot work. These are designed to withstand the everyday rigors of a workshop or studio environment. These are waterproof and can endure strong materials like lacquer thinner, paint, paint removers, alcohol, gasoline and acids.

Remember, the key in making sure that your craft is show properly is to make the display table as clean and orderly as possible.