How to Blend a Drawing: Pop Art Sticker

A beginner’s tutorial with blending a using Crayola colored pencils! Learn how to apply 2 colors to each space on a drawing or composition. Blending with 2 colors will make your drawing look AMAZING without committing to lots of form or dimension. This makes it perfect to add interest to animated characters, pop art, cartoons, or anime.

This tutorial only uses monochromatic color theory to choose colors in an attempt to make it look more like the solid colors of most Pop Art.


5 Replies to “How to Blend a Drawing: Pop Art Sticker”

  1. When looking at other people;'s colour creations, I always thought there was some very advanced techniques that they were using but through your shading series, I've learned that isn't the case at all. I never realised such a small change like applying full pressure on the pencil can give it a new lease of life, despite my colours being so cheap, what was once very light, hard-to-see colours, became vibrant just like yours.

    Thank you ever so much for this series. It helps a tonne! Take care 🙂

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