Clothes For Short People

It is fair to say that, for shorter people, shopping for suitable clothing can sometimes be a chore. This is because many are ignorant of the need to choose garments carefully and to avoid styles that make the wearer look even shorter and fatter than they already are. This can be a recipe for a shopping catastrophe! The solution is to arm yourself with the required knowledge before visiting the mall. In this regard, the following advice should prove helpful to both men and women:

When shopping for clothes, short men typically experience frustration when encountering rack upon rack of garments that all seem to be tailor-made for tall men, rather than those of more modest dimensions. As a result they are forced to search high and low to find anything suitable, in other words something that might, they hope, make them look that little bit thinner and taller than is actually the case. At the top of such men’s must-have list should be straight-legged jeans and pants, which create a nice slimming silhouette and an impression of greater stature. On the other side of the coin, they should avoid baggy or so-called ‘easy fit’ items that may make the wearer appear somewhat puffed-up and balloon-like. Men are also advised to be cautious with bright colors and horizontal stripes. Instead, go for dark colors, and stripes arranged vertically.

For women, the advice is similar. Straight cut, slim fit or skinny fit pants are all recommended, and should be worn with a thin belt, not a wide one. Tailored skirts should be preferred to baggy ones, as the outline created is definitely, less corpulent. Pair a nice skirt of this kind with higher-heeled footwear – this adds vital inches to a petite form, as well as being a style classic. The advice for women on color and patterns tends to be the same as that for men: Stick to plainer, darker colors, and opt for stripes arranged vertically, not horizontally. As a matter of fact, scientific studies have proved that stripes running up and down are more flattering to those who are short.

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