Purse Styles

There is a lot more to purses and collecting them than meets the eye.  Surely the look of a purse is the first thing someone will notice, then possibly a designer tag if that is something that interests them.  Beyond that though, there is also the style of the purse to be considered.  Sure, you can tell right away if a purse is large or small, but there are also other categories to consider, especially if you are looking for purses to possibly purchase online.  This is a brief description of a  few different purse styles popular today.

The Hobo Bag – This bag is usually on the larger side as purses go.  The overall shape is somewhat like a huge crescent roll.  This purse does not have a very solid structure and is usually made from materials that are rather soft.  It will lose its shape if set down on a solid surface.  The name of this bag comes from its shape when carried.  It reminds some of the pouch often being carried on the end of a stick by hobos in old railroad drawings.

The Tote Bag – This is one of the larger bags sold today and it is designed to do just what its name implies.  It totes things.  These are often found being used on beaches or at the pool where carrying more than just the barest of necessities is common.  These typically have room for bulkier items that smaller purses are not made to handle.  These have become very popular and most designers offer them in a variety of colors, materials, and styles.

The Wallet Purse – This is a much tinier purse than the others mentioned here.  These can actually be used as a wallet within a larger purse or they can be carried by themselves.  Some of these purses come with a shoulder strap that can be removed to allow the tiny bag to be shoved into a larger purse.  This allows the carrier to still keep essential items like credit cards in order without transferring everything to a larger purse.

There are many styles of purse available today.  These are just a few of the more popular ones being carried and serving as very functional fashion accessories.

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