Pop Art Girl by Ana Cedoviste: 31 Days of Halloween


Welcome to our 31 Days of Halloween Makeup, with featured artist Ana Cedoviste. Turn the handle on the Jack in the Box, if you dare! If you do, this terrifying clown will spring out to meet you!

Products used:

Mehron Paradise AQ Paints https://www.halloweenmakeup.com/products/mehron-paradise-aq-pro-12-color-byo-palette in:
– White https://www.halloweenmakeup.com/products/mehron-white-paradise-face-paint
– Black https://www.halloweenmakeup.com/products/mehron-black-paradise-face-paint
– Dark Blue https://www.halloweenmakeup.com/products/mehron-dark-blue-paradise-face-paint-dbl
– Light Blue https://www.halloweenmakeup.com/products/mehron-light-blue-paradise-face-paint-lbl
– Red https://www.halloweenmakeup.com/products/mehron-red-paradise-face-paint

Diamon FX Yellow https://www.halloweenmakeup.com/products/diamond-fx-yellow-face-paint-50


– Foam Tip Dotter Brush https://www.halloweenmakeup.com/products/cameleon-dotter-sponge-tip-brush
– Small Flat Brush https://www.halloweenmakeup.com/collections/flat-brushes/3-16
– Fine Round Brush https://www.halloweenmakeup.com/collections/fine-tip-brushes
– Black Wig


Join us in a spooky adventure this October as featured artist Ana Cedoviste creates a scary design every day of October in our 31 Days of Halloween video series! We will be releasing seven videos a week starting on October 1. You can catch the designs in our social. You can catch the designs in our social media pages such as Facebook and Youtube.


My name is Ana but on social media I use the nickname “Cedoviste,” which is a combination of two words in my language: čedo (kid, child) and čudoviše (monster), and I really am monster kid – creative, silly, cheerful but also strange, creepy and scary.

I am a self-taught artist living in Montenegro, a very, very small country on the Balkans (former Yugoslavia) with around 660.000 citizens. It is very rare for people here to do body art professionally, so I work a full time job in HR and body art is my hobby that takes time as much as full time job. 😀

My favorite type of expression illusion makeup body art. I just love making illusions and seeing people’s reactions. I also enjoy creating different characters that are just perfect for Halloween season.

To see more of Cedoviste’s amazing art, visit her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cedoviste/?hl=en


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