Pop-Art Cupcakes!

Hello 馃檪

I’m soooo into pop art man. It’s unreal. I love cupcakes too. Although I have many other things to share, I doubt this will be my last pop art design….

I hope you enjoy 馃檪

xx mwah xx

Small brush is from a craft store – it’s just a small paintbrush.
Striper was a gift but you can find similar ones from Sally’s Beauty Supply or eBay. Mine came in a pack of three.
Acrylic paint is just normal water based acrylic paint that you use for painting pictures and stuff. It’s great for nails. Anyone who says it’s not is wrong and you should give em a slap with a wet fish 馃槈

Everything here is my own stuff and it’s just a video of me painting my nails. Nothing really needs to be explained here but I just like to have a disclaimer cos it makes me look really important and clever…

Music Credits:
Song name: Who Likes To Party
Artist name: Kevin Macleod
Website: http://www.incompetech.com


21 Replies to “Pop-Art Cupcakes!”

  1. I love pop nail art! this is so cute<3<3<3
    It doesn't matter which brand of acrylic paint I'm using? cause I just want to get the cheapest ones XDD
    Does acrylic paint work better? and does less harm than nail polish?

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