Quick and Easy Staging Project For the Walls

Recently I staged a home of a lovely older couple who was visibly proud of their children and grandchildren. This is not uncommon and rightly so. Families should be proud of one another.

However, this couple was preparing to sell their home and 90% of the items on the wall were family photos.

If you have done any research on home staging, you are aware that this is Personalization. Staging is Depersonalizing a space. For this couple, it was a quality of life issue to be surrounded by their loved ones. I had to gently remind them their temporary ‘new’ priority was to get their home sold so they could begin planning where to put those precious memories in their new home.

Once the   walls  are bear and ready for new  art  work, what next? My favorite idea is to paint empty canvases. You can get them at any art store in any size, including:

* Dick Blick

* Michaels

* Garden Ridge

* Wal-Mart

When staging, I tend to stage in either a Traditional or Modern feel, depending on the space. I like to give the impression of a Model Home. The canvas project lends itself to this in both a Traditional or Modern feel.

Simply paint the canvas in a contrasting or complimenting color of the room. If the walls are light and neutral (which they should be when staging), paint them several shades darker. For a large space, use a large canvas or several medium canvases lined in beside each other in the same shade or in various colors.

You can keep the panels solid or you can create an original art piece. Use a brush and paint soft strokes or use the brush head and speckle the canvas in different colors. Make sure the colors are contrasting to the base coat. You can paint a daisy or tulip on a canvas for a bit of cheer in a bright room. Their are many creative ways to do this, use your imagination. My favorite is a chocolate brown back drop with a white dandelion in the bottom right corner reaching out to the top, the small white strokes of the dandelion act character to the dark backdrop.

This project is relatively inexpensive and fun to do. Get the whole family involved. Home Staging works, so don’t sell the competition, BE the competition.

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