Suiting Up!

Every man needs a good suit in his wardrobe, but when it comes down choosing the right one, many falter. Here are a few simple ways in which you can get yourself a suit that will make you the talk of the town. The first step is in choosing style. Different styles on suits are determined by the number of buttons you have on the jacket. The ideal one comes with two buttons and is considered an all time classic.

What the number of buttons essentially does is cover up more of the tie and the shirt on the inside. Most marketing individuals try and pull of a single button suit. Its makes them look the role they need to be. But a three button suit is still the most favored for a formal night out.

The next thing you need to look at is the fabric of the suit. Select your suits based on the kinds of temperatures you will be in most of the day and the climate of the region you stay in. You wouldn’t want to be in a wool suit in Miami heat now would you? Also when hunting for good quality suits make sure that you check out all the sales at major labels. That is when you can pick up the best in quality for some really good prices.

Once you settle on the suit you want to buy, you will need bring in some customization in order for it to fit you well. You will need to spend a small amount on this but it will be worth it in the long run. Things you have to look out for are that the sleeves are placed at the top of your thumb. A bit of the cuff also needs to show. Without your shoes on, the trousers will need to hit the floor and with them on, it should touch the heel of your shoe.

When it comes to a good suit, a very important factor is the color you choose. Basic colors for work are slate gray, navy blue, the classic black as well as taupe. In terms of fabric patterns, thin pinstripes are popular. Chalk stripes are also popular choices as they give off a very powerful image of yourself. Confidence is something that the suit needs to exude and the pattern you select will do that. Choosing a good suit is about being smart in choice of fabrics and patterns depending on the occasion it is being used for.

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