Functionality and Style of Leather Desk Sets

Many executives like to make their desktop look presentable and as distinguished as possible. This gives good reason to purchase leather desk sets. A reputable look can be obtained with the variety in color, and leather choices. Leather desk sets come with many options to make the set complete. Single pieces to full sets are available.

The first piece for desktop is usually the desk pad. The single item alone has multi benefits other than the stylish look. It will protect the space it covers on the desktop itself, and give a solid writing surface. Organizing with, memo holder, card holder as well as a pen holder can be added for a wonderful look. Each item continuing to give a classy looks and reduces desktop clutter. Other items that can be purchased are letter trays, pencil cups and letter openers. Leather sets are simply elegant no matter the size of office.

Color Choices

Color choices and types of leather can range greatly. If color is a big factor there are choices such as classic black, brown, burgundy, mocha, and walnut there are also multi colors as well. Leather desk sets have the distinguished look that every desk should have. If in a large firm or just a single desk operation, it can give the accomplished appearance needed or wanted. Many of these have a gold tooling for a two-tone look of and executive office. There is also hand crafted leather and some that are crocodile embossed. Large selection of colors and design of leather desk sets fit most any décor.

Buying as a Gift

Giving leather desk sets can make a gift that would be used and appreciated for a very long time. Matching the leather to either contrast the office, or fit seamlessly with the décor, or simply improve what is already there. These leather sets can be given to close friends as a birthday gift. To loved ones for an anniversary, or that someone special. Buying single pieces or full sets the person on the receiving end of the gift will remember it every time they sit down and use it.

Size of the desk sets

When it comes to the size of a desk set, they range from a single piece, to even 9 piece sets and more. Simple sets can consist of for example: a 34″x20″ desk pad, a memo tray, and pencil cup. All of these can be interchanged with a different item filling in and reducing desktop clutter. More extensive leather desk sets can have the items listed above as well as adding the extras to make an absolutely executive looking desktop.

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