On Cufflink Types

Men, unlike women, rarely dress up. You cannot blame them. There is famous notion or belief that men should only dress up to impress women, nothing more and nothing less. For this reason alone, men are fondly seen wearing simple shirts and jeans. Men are always on the move with their casual wardrobe and if you see guys being so formal, then it could probably mean that they work in the corporate world.

It’s fairly easy for a man to look formal and sophisticated. All he has to do is wear a crisp polo shirt, a properly knotted tie, throw in a nice pair of slacks and the last is a suit. What you would notice is the fact that the sleeves of the polo shirt are typically longer than that of the overlap suit. On that part-the wrist part-you will see two button holes without any buttons on them. These are the parts that are called link cuffs, French cuffs, double cuffs or simply cuffs. The cuffs are traditionally linked together with an accessory called cufflinks. As the name implies, its specific purpose is to ‘link’ the two cuffs. It is made up of two parts: (1) the two faces that are always visible. This part is typically engraved with different designs; and (2) the post which can be found at the middle of the faces and serves as the connecting mechanism for both.

Cufflinks are sophisticated accessories. You will immediately know if a man is sophisticated enough with the kind of accessory that they wear. Cufflinks are the ‘defining mechanism’ that does not only embody the personality of the wearer, but the class and elegance that comes with the cufflinks. If you want to know the various types of cufflinks, read on:

1. Push through cufflinks. This particular type of cufflinks often has a circular or round end. The round ends are the part that is typically pushed through the double cuffs or through the button hole. These are fairly easy to use however, the cufflinks fall easily that is why it is not advised if you are going to wear it on a party which involves a lot of dancing.

2. Snap-on cufflinks. The name says it all: this cufflinks have two faces that snaps shut together. If you are going to wear this type of cufflinks, all you have to do is put the link into the cuff and snap it shut, you’re done! Again, this one is fairly easy to use but there is always the danger of the cufflinks sliding off and damaging the cuffs.

3. Chain cufflinks. The round bar that is characteristic of push through cufflinks are replaces with a chain. This chain then takes the place of a post and enables other types of accessories to be hanged on the chain.

4. Hinged Back cufflinks. This cufflink is rather unique in the sense that the post is replaced with a swiveling bar used to lock the cufflinks into place, as soon as it is inserted into the button hole.

5. Double Faced cufflinks. This is knows to be the most formal type of cufflinks as the two faces are similar in their design and they are connected by a round bar knows as the post.

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