Talking Money With Romero Britto – The Art Of Business Art Basel Edition

Oh Joy, it is Art Basel week in Miami, that time of year when the entire modern art world converges on our fair city. Now I’m no Rembrandt, or should I say Jorge condo, or better yet Romero Brito, but I am interested and art especially on how it relates to money. At Art Basel there is approx. $3.5 billion in art for sale and aprox. $450 million + of that is projected to be sold. Now before you start hanging ridiculously expensive art in your house, first you’ll need a house, and second, before you got that House, you’re going to need to get your proverbial house in order.

And don’t take my word for it here I had a chance to chat with Romero Britto, an extremely successful artist who is based in Miami. Now this man has come along way, so you young artists out there might want to take notes. His message is clear – find something that makes you happy, find something you love and that you are very good at and that you can be the best at. And then after you spend time learning your craft, after you spent your 10,000 hours plus on your passion like my man Malcolm Gladwell says in his book Outliers, the money will come. And once that money comes, once a you’re not only line in your pockets, but your bank account, and your savings account, then it’s time to invest that money. And one day, buy a House and maybe even hang a beautifully vibrant Romero Brito In the foyer. Just a thought, Hey, you got to visualize it before it happens and you gotta save that money.


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