Why Do People Buy Oil Paintings and What You Need to Know Before You Do

What is the most common motivation to buy oil paintings?

Put like that it sounds like an awkward question because it takes only a little thought to realize that people buy anything for all kinds of different reasons, however when it’s a commitment to buy oil paintings there are some universal connections that you will find interesting, especially if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of American’s thinking about doing it this year.

The first and obvious reason people buy oil paintings is that they want to titivate their homes and fine   art  oil paintings or modern fashionable oil paintings on your  walls  has been for centuries one way of beautifying that home and at the same time imparting a little sophistication and status to the owners of the home. What the owner chooses when they do purchase paintings is dependent upon personal taste, we are all different when it comes to that, however it is also true that there are some universally accepted formats and subject matters that are accepted as things of immense beauty and these are what most people that buy oil paintings will choose, playing it safe is a human tendency that never alters.

Over the last few years with the advent of online shopping playing such a large part in most people’s busy lives online art galleries have sprung up all over the internet and people are taking full advantage of the comparative ease this medium allows people who would not ordinarily walk into a high street gallery to buy oil paintings from the convenience of their laptop. If you have ever thought of joining in then I have a few insider pointers that you may like to consider before you go ahead and buy oil paintings.

It’s not my intention here to sway in one direction or another, modern conceptual art or traditional classical fine art, which really is up to you. My intention is to get you to think about one element only, and that is the superiority of the paintings execution, it is this factor and this factor alone, which will determine if you have made a good admirable decision, or whether or not you end up with a giant embarrassment on your lounge wall.

Modern art is relatively easy for me to deal with; most modern paintings consist of a series of shapes and colors arranged in a particular manner so to be pleasing to the eye. This type of art is entirely subjective but is usually attributed an air of mysticism by the artist by the attachment of an obscure or oblique title. Not what I am looking for when I look for a nice piece of art, but I do appreciate that there is a market for this type of artwork.

Alternatively, Traditional metaphorical and landscape oil paintings are not quite as subjective, there is a high level of technical skill involved that will easily separate quality oil paintings, from run of the mill, and it is the duty of the prospective buyer to educate and enlighten themselves before they commit to purchase, if they want to prevent a calamity on their hands when they buy oil paintings.

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