How Do You Judge America? Left vs. Right #3

Is the United States an exceptional country that has played a uniquely good role in history? Or is it a typical country, perhaps even a uniquely bad one considering the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow? On this, the Left and Right do not agree.
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The Left and the Right view America and its history very differently. Conservatives view America as President Abraham Lincoln viewed it — as the “Last Best Hope of Earth.” While acknowledging America’s flaws, conservatives regard America as the best society ever created — giving more people of more backgrounds more freedom, more opportunity, and more affluence than any other society — and doing more good for more people in other countries than any society in history.

The Left, on the other hand, sees America as having been, and continuing to be, a very flawed country, morally no better than many, and morally inferior to many. The Left’s view is that America was founded by rich white males who were intent on protecting their race, their wealth, and in many cases, their slaves. America was and remains sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, and bigoted; a country of unacceptable material inequality, where the superrich and big corporations have far too much power and influence. The further left one goes, the more negative the assessment of America.

Here’s a telling example.

On my radio show, I once dialogued with Howard Zinn, arguably the most influential American historian of the second half of the twentieth century. Here is one part of our dialogue: Professor Zinn said: “If people knew history, they would scoff at…the idea that the United States is a force for the betterment of humanity.” When I said that America has done more good for humanity than any other country, Professor Zinn responded: America has “probably [done] more bad than good.”

For the Left, the moral flaws in American history are enormous, but all the unique good America has done both in America and abroad is minimized or ignored. Take the example of slavery. This terrible institution is the most widely cited “proof” of American evil. The problem with that judgment, however, is that every civilization in world history, even including African societies, practiced slavery — often on a far larger scale than America did.

But there are two other questions about slavery that must be asked in order to make a moral judgment about America: The first is: “Which societies were the first to abolish slavery?” Since all societies had slavery, that is a far more important question to ask than who had slaves. It turns out that all the societies that first abolished slavery were rooted in the Jewish and Christian Bibles and among them was the United States.

The second question that needs to be answered is this: Was America morally better than other societies in just about every other regard? And the answer is overwhelmingly yes.

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39 Replies to “How Do You Judge America? Left vs. Right #3”

  1. This also applies to the UK as well. I’m sick of anti-British bias in the mainstream, like in education. The left rule education in the U.K. throughout all levels from Primary to university.

  2. I’m extremely proud of the principle and ideologies of which this country was founded, but I also think we have had a racist and morally flawed past. However, America is by far the best society in the word in my opinion

  3. While I agree with Dennis on most parts, I have to point out that Obama tried to help the nation during his presidency. Though some of his actions might have done more harm than good, he at least tried. The same can be said about Ronald Reagan. He tried to help America, and some of his actions didn’t work.

  4. First of all, everybody who live in USA, must learn and speak english! Immigrants must respect British heritage of USA! If they don't want they must leave! " Hispânics talk about rights. but they don't respect the amerindian heritage! Quéchua is still the most spoke native language in Américas, and must be protected!

  5. He's right that the left tends to be like that but he left out the part about the Right denying any problem in America. "Slavery? Get over it nbd! Bad healthcare system? No it's not screw you hippies! Guns? Not a problem it's a mental health thing!"

  6. The second Prager video which I don't agree with.
    Not every civilization was based on slavery. this is an utterly fals statement.
    Poland, czechia, Hungary and attila's time – they never had slavery.

  7. So much truth to our history. In prager videos. But I would like to add. If it weren't for our creator the Lord God. And his grace to favor those who recognize him, And serve him as God. We would be lost like every other nation. Never in the history of the world has there been a nation to rise up and literally rule the world, in only a short time 200+yrs with an exponential growth in knowledge and earthly wisdom, and with a Godly mentality. By caring for its people and its neighbors. Such as the Lord said. Love your neighbor as yourself. And So we did. And still do.

    It is only by his power and his will and Love for his people. Who were allowed by him to seek a land and freedom, and a new continent, to spread his Gospel. And to have a freedom of worship. Hence the constitution. 1st amendment. And So we have the greatest nation on earth. The United states. With the freedom of religion. Includes religions of all people. God gives a life of choice. Life or death.

    And as the greatest nation on earth the Lord gives it the right to protect Israel. Gods people with who he made a covenant to be a people for God. I Love the good that is in my country, the good can only come from the only one who is good which is God. Thank you Jesus for your Love and your sacrifice for me. I Pray you bless many with you and knowledge of who you are. And Lord I see you have blessed America abundantly. My prayer is that we as Americans would bless you. And turn from our sin. No more aborting/killing living innocent souls. Our own children.

    God bless everyone who reads this post. God first and America will be blessed to be the beacon of Hope and God will keep America 1st. Trump 2020.

  8. And this people is why I'm not a conservative. Conservatives are not interested in improving our system even through the Constitution. They are no more less left-wing than Progressives.

    Progressives are idiots because the further left a conservative is good more right-wing the progressive considers them to be. Both conservatives and progressives are left wing. There's even a video done by Prager University on the truth about the political Spectrum at will back up what I'm saying.

    Both conservatives and progressives are blind both of them threatened Liberty as both of them refuse pursuit of fulfilling the promise which is United States of America.

    The progressives want to run away from everything that was done before them, stupidly ignoring that all technology is built on proceeding technology and the conservatives want to leave us stuck in a stagnant cesspool with a little better than Dark Ages mentality.

  9. Don’t forget about east Asia… after America lost the Vietnam war the “peaceful loving kind” communists slaughtered 3 million Cambodians, 1 million south Vietnamese and 400,000 Hmong and almost 200,000 people from Laos

  10. 2 minutes and 6 seconds in he says that we ignore the good but focus on the bad I can say that I do that as a normal thing but I think we tend to do that as human beings because we don't normally notice when things are going good because it's supposed to be good but we notice when things don't go our way because it sucks we don't like it but at the same time in my opinion if you take a list of the good things and the bad things it may look good that America has done a bunch of good things and it looks nice yes but you have to remember that America has done a lot of bad things all the way down to pushing a people's out of their home and dropping a bomb on their home after telling them they could come back those people still cannot go home even today I understand that America has also done a lot of goodbut we're also in my opinion is very shady country because we're kind of like the bigger brother of the world all we do is go wrong and bullying other people and take what we want we refuse to help people if it doesn't suit us and jump in to get another people's business if we think we can get something from it it all depends on which political BS person happens to want to get some skin in the bowl you know he wants some fat cash

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