Reasons Why Women Love Big Penises!

Are you still one of the numerous guys out that is still looking for the answer to the question – “Does penis size matter to women?” Incase you do not know the answer to that question, it is YES!! If you asked your woman if penis size matters you would get a watered down response. Most women would not openly admit it to their lovers that they prefer a big penis to an average one. If you are unhappy with the size of your average or small manhood, don’t be there are methods that you can use to make your manhood bigger.

Let’s talk a little more on the preference of most ladies when it comes to penis size. In various penis size surveys it is usually revealed that women pay more importance to girth than length. Most women prefer thicker penises (6 inches in girth) and when balance with adequate length of about 8 inches, you can be sure that any woman that has sex with a man of this size would be screaming in ecstasy through the sex bout.

Since the average penile length is about 6 inches and the average penile girth is 4.75 inches, it is only normal for women to want to hide the truth that they love bigger penises from their lovers. Here a few reasons why women love big male sex organs:

1. A big penis looks much better than an average or small penis – It might surprise you to know that women are also visual creatures to a certain degree when it comes to sexual intercourse. An erect big manhood is a lot sexier and aesthetically pleasing than erect average or small penis. When it comes to sexual arousal and stimulation, sight also has its role to play for both men and women. The same way men love and get sexually aroused by women with big bottoms and big breasts, so it is with bigger penises and women. Most women regard big male sex organs as been superior to average or small penises and as such they also regard men with bigger penises as being more manlier than men with average or small male sex organs.

2. A big penis sets a woman in the right mood for sexual intercourse – this is also similar to the first reason. If a woman is sexually excited before she begins foreplay with her lover then she would likely have more orgasms than if she were not sexually excited. Just the sight of a big male sex organ can set a woman in the right mood to have sexual intercourse.

Just picture this – the moment a woman sees her lover’s erect big manhood, her vagina begins to get wet almost immediately. This is an indication that she is sexually aroused, now when her “big penis lover” decides to penetrate her, you can be sure that she would experience longer and more powerful orgasms than if she was having sex with a man with an average or small penis size.

3. A big penis creates more friction in a woman’s vagina – men and women experience pleasure during sexual intercourse because of the friction between the penis and the vaginal wall. There are sexual pleasure centers that are located around and deep into the walls of a woman’s vagina, when a man inserts his penis into his lover’s vagina and begins to thrust – he creates friction which is enjoyed by both him and his lover. A bigger penis can cover more areas in the vaginal canal than an average or small penis. A big male sex organ has the ability to stretch the vaginal lips and press a woman’s vagina from all sides and give her the exciting feeling of being completely “full” during penetration. Also it easier for a bigger penis to stimulate the clitoris which lies at the entrance of the vagina simultaneously during sex

Are you one of the numerous guys that were born with an average or small penis size? I guess you might be feeling a little worried that you are not one of the few lucky men that can actually boast of a big male sex organ. No need to worry! You can get a bigger penis by engaging in natural penile enlargement exercises. Theses exercises can add inches to both your penile length and girth. Combining these natural penile enlargement exercises with an herbal penile enlargement supplement would reduce the amount it takes for you to see gains.

Don’t let the fact that women love big penises bother you, just even up the odds and get a bigger penis using a combination of natural penile enlargement exercises and herbal penile enlargement pills.

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