Tuscan Tapestries

When it comes to tapestries, Tuscan tapestries are a well loved form of art. What is the appeal of the Tuscan region of Italy and how have they influenced art? Let’s find out right here.

The region of Tuscany in Italy is famous for many things. Yes, the wine, cheese and cuisine from this region is second to none. But this fertile region of I was not just for its produce. It influenced art from its beautiful landscapes as well as being the center of the Renaissance art movement. Let’s have a closer look at the appeal of this region for art. and tapestry production.

1. The Tuscan Landscapes.

The landscapes here are beautiful and are composed of hilly countryside with mountains surrounding, and the famous poplar trees.

The climate here is gentle and warm and allows for fertile growth of fields of poppies and the golden green countryside. The villas and villages built here complement the environment and is an equally appealing part of the landscape. This has led to many artists being inspired by this region and creating works of art from what they saw.

The scenic vistas are an inspiration to the production of much art through centuries including that of Tuscan tapestries. Many Tuscan wall hangings show this landscape in all its unique beauty.,

2. The Birth of the Renaissance.

The Italian Renaissance began in Tuscany’s capital Florence.

The Renaissance movement of culture was not just in fine art but in science and in philosophy and culture as well. The famous artists da Vinci, Michelangelo, Boticelli and others influenced this movement and brought new advances in art and science which in turn affected the whole of Europe. It was the combination of imagination, science and art including the studies of the human form, the studies of nature and that of pure invention, which led to groundbreaking developments in art, science and philosophy from this time.

The tapestries that emerged from this era reflected the change and major development in art from the Medieval period, heading into the Modern era.

3. Village Life in Tuscany.

The simplicity and beauty of local village life country life has fascinated artists for centuries.

Perhaps the search for the simple country life in both Tuscany and Provence of France has led many artists to portray life in the country to shows these qualities that they admired. The villas and towns of Tuscany in harmony with their surrounds provide for a subject matter for paintings and tapestries.

These landscapes with include these buildings reflect the architecture of the time that they were portrayed and to this day still resemble the building aesthetic that was present centuries ago.

So as you can see, there is an appeal the scenic Italian Tuscan region that ranges from its natural, fertile landscape, to its culture of the arts and the Renaissance and its buildings and country life.

This region of Italy is both a beautiful and fascinating place from this perspective and is reflected in the   art  which comes from here including Tuscan tapestries and  wall  hangings.

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