Basalt Tiles And The Advantages

Basalt Tiles have long been a choice for interior and exterior decorators for the class and timeless elegance that it brings to any decoration. A naturally occurring stone, it has the ability to look the part or add functionality to one’s daily life. Everyone from homeowners to city planners can see the value in it, and that’s why you will often see the material incorporated into complex building projects, or any kind of structure that requires an eye catching appeal. If you are pondering whether or not to use basalt tiles for your project, it helps to know the best scenarios where the substance can really pop to its full potential.

Accentuating landscaping and garden features is one particular use for this material. Most lawn service companies will steer you toward this material if you are looking to create outdoor decor that stands out. Some of the most common uses for basalt in this environment include in the architecture of decorative statues and fountains. Some may also choose the material as bedding for a garden of flowers, fruits, or vegetables. Whatever the use, basalt really enhances the overall look and flavor of the environment and delivers a pleasing view to the eye.

Pavers also prefer the material because it allows years of stability for travel and use. Whether it sets the scene for a road or a parking lot, society can get many years of use out of grey basalt. The darkness of the substance also allows clearer lane visibility among drivers, adding to the safety factors for city engineering. Government road departments are very fond of this material, and with good reason. Once it is installed, maintenance is pretty easy. If your team is working on a project that you think could benefit from basalt tiles, then take these factors into consideration.

Home improvements are perhaps the most common use of basalt tiles. This is because the material looks great anywhere it rests in relation to the rest of the house. Tiling in particular is a preferred choice for this material among homeowners, but other uses may include pool coping and wall decor. The reason that tiling is so popular is that basalt tiles does not need to be replaced as often as ceramic, porcelain, and other cheaper materials. If you have an interior or exterior home project coming up, then this material can help make your efforts stand out.

Natural materials such as these are becoming more popular because they stand the test of time. Rather than chasing the trends and spending fortunes on outdated looks, you can go with something like basalt tiles and enjoy years of benefits that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

Effective Radio Station Liners and Promo Writing for Today’s Market

Look around and what do you see? Ipods®, mini Ipods®, Cell Phones, Satellite radio, Internet radio and Tivo®.

Excited about being in the radio industry today? Since I first entered the world of radio in 1976 I have seen the landscape change, but few stations have changed with the times. The one noticeable lack of change has been in the liner department. The same plan of attack as always. Find a voice, have them cut a few lines every week for freshness and that’s it. Creativity is relegated to the program director (PD) who has enough work for two people.

Most PD’s have had their creative juices squeezed out of them with meeting after meeting. You need a creative force on your side. A member of your team that is not in the daily grind, but on the outside looking in with an objective view.

Scott has watched for the past twenty years as market share for traditional radio stations continue to decline as newer video games, better ipod® devices and technology yet realized find their way into our reality.

Promos, liners and sweepers are not something you write because they are funny or creative, they are written because they fit the “big picture” concept of the station. Just like the music must have a “feel” so must the liners and other elements.

The demand for creativty within the radio industry has never been greater.

Revealing the History of Kantha

Today, Kantha embroidery work has become the fashion label in the Indo-Western world. Lets find out the fascinating history of this unique art form that remained in mystery until it was revived.

Indian textiles have the long and vast history. The textiles with their signature embroideries explicit themselves in the modern world of today’s fashion. Fashion designers have named this nine yard mystique a ‘Renaissance of style’.

Saris were first originated in India. Some of its finest examples can be traced from the sculptures dating back to the 100 BC. Saris are basically unstitched length of cloth measuring 42- 19” wide and 5.5 to 9 yards which were earlier spun in textile machines that have today become the bequest of our times as hand loom saris.

Kantha is a art form that belongs particularly to West Bengal. Earlier the Kantha saris were usually drape by the women of West Bengal as to protect themselves against the cold.

Kantha work involve complex artistic work done by the weavers with the blend of exquisite embroidery in ornamental running stitch. The traditional work on the Kantha saris in the form of floral motifs, animals and birds figures and geometric shapes looks amazingly fabulous.

Renowned fashion designers in India working on western styles and fashions, still make great use of the ethnic traditions and their designs often depict the rich embroidery work of the earlier craftsmen, celebrating Indian textile tradition.

There are seven different types of Kantha. First is the ‘Archilata Kantha’ that involves the great mirror work with the wide, decorative borders. The second one is the ‘Baiton Kantha’, that are square wraps used for covering the books and valuables. The most famous is the ‘Lep Kantha’ which are rectangular wraps, used to cover the quilts. Then there is ‘Oaar Kantha’, found in the pillow covers in simple designs on which a decorative border is actually sewn afterwards.

Not less competitive is the ‘Sujani Kantha’, the quilted Kantha used as blankets on the special occasions. Last but not the least is the ‘Rumal Kantha’ that are used as the rubefacient wipes or plate coverings has Hanukkah Gifts for Kids!

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