Pearls – A Classic That’s Always in Style

In some circles pearls are perceived as being a bit dated or out of style piece of jewelry. In reality pearls are a very versatile addition to any wardrobe, although you may not want to stick with the traditional strand of pearls that your grandmother treasured as her very best. Modern pearls come in a variety of different types of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and yes, even in brooches, hair ornaments and as scarf pins.

Generally choosing pearl jewelry is no longer confined to just selecting from different sizes and slight variations in color of the pearls and style of the jewelry. Pearls now come in a variety of colors ranging from the very dark black Tahitian pearls through to the silver, greenish, bluish and even purplish colors of these unique pearls to the traditional white, ivory and cream color. Pinkish tinged pearls are also a big fashion hit and are a real eye catching addition to any outfit.

There are two different types of naturally occurring pearls, freshwater and saltwater. As can be imagined from the names, the only difference is the type of water in which the mollusk that produces the pearls is found. Within those two groups there are further divisions that include the terms natural and cultured. Natural pearls occur in nature by accident or chance, without any specific activities from humans. Cultured pearls are still created by mollusks in their shells, however the pearl is actually started because a human inserts a small piece of foreign material to get the process started. These cultured pearls are perfectly round and can be kept in the oyster until the desired diameter is reached. Pearls that touch the side of the shell become flattened and irregular in shape and are known as mabes or blister pearls.

New pearl jewelry incorporates both natural pearls and cultured pearls, colored and white pearls as well as the irregular mabe or blister pearls in wonderful and new designs. Pearls can be added to gold and silver jewelry designs to add both a texturized look as well as warmth and shimmer to the piece that only pearls can provide. Pearl necklaces are also used in layering with gold necklaces, producing a very warm and rich appearance that softens rather than hardens the appearance of the wearer like some of the heavier all metal type jewelry is prone to do.

Pearls are the traditional jewelry choice for brides and for a lot of really good reasons. First and foremost they match literally any skin tone and the new color varieties mean that you can add a touch of color or stay with the basics. A new version of the old classic for a bride or for bridesmaids is a pearl that is used as a pendant, forming a single drop necklace and earring set that is soft, warm and radiant close to the skin. These earring and necklace sets also double as ideal for business dress, casual dress and even for a night on the town. Pearls on bracelets mixed with carved or decorative gold beads and glass or gem beads are also a current fashion setting trend, again proving to be very versatile and practical while still beautiful and classic.

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