Get Rolling With a House Painting Party

Painting is one of those jobs that can go on forever; repair the walls, primer the walls, apply two coats of paint, and then run around fixing all the spots you missed. Maybe you’ve just bought a new home or are trying to get your current house sale ready, a painting party can help you get this done quickly. Debbie Travis has some great tips for organizing a successful party to get your home painted in no time.

Get organized: You’ve got all those extra bodies at your disposal, and you want to make the best use of them Start early; have all the pre-painting work completed before your team arrives. Make sure the pictures are taken off the walls, fill those nail holes, cover the furniture (if necessary), and lay the drop sheets. Taping off the edges of trim, doorknobs and hinges could be done now, but keep in mind that sometimes it unsticks if left too long.

Priming the walls: According to Debbie, you only need to prime the walls if:

You’re covering areas where you’ve filled in holes.

If you’re painting a lighter color over a darker color.

If you’re painting over alkyd paint or if you’re unsure what the base paint is – if you simply cover alkyd paint with a latex without priming, the paint will scrape off.

She offers the tip that if your base is a dark color, it’s a good idea to tint your primer with it, and you’ll use fewer coats.

Get plenty of tools: Make certain that no one is standing around looking for a brush or a roller by ensuring you have enough for everyone. Consider the jobs you’ll be assigning, if the trim is being painted, you may need some small trim brushes as well. Debbie suggests moistening the rollers slightly so you don’t get fluff all over the walls.

Remember, it’s a party: Keep things light and fun. Get the music going, as it makes for a more enjoyable atmosphere. You may even have prizes for the person wearing the least amount of paint at the end. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of the day.

Food makes a party: If you want people to work, they need to be fed. Have some snacks, pop and water handy, but it’s not always a good idea to open the beer right away. Maybe you could offer them a beer after they finish every coat, and have a big dinner to celebrate.

Start early: You tend to get a lot more done if you start early; people are more focused and have more energy. Have the coffee and muffins ready, while you’re handing out paint and assigning rooms.

Decide who will be painting what, and remember that the more meticulous types of personality will be best suited for trim or those fidgety types of jobs. Spread your workers around so that they don’t bump into each other; about two people per wall works well.

If you haven’t completed taping around the trim, get the gang started on this, and then suggest they begin by cutting in. Basically this means painting around the trim, door handles, hinges and any other place a roller can’t reach. It’s a good idea to complete the walls and ceiling first, leaving the trim for last.

Time to celebrate: Have a place where your guests can get cleaned up before dinner. If the fumes are strong, you may want to plan a BBQ or dinner on the patio. Let everyone know how much you appreciate their help and pass around the pictures taken from the day.

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