Masterpiece by Banksy

Banksy’s real name according to common belief is Robert Banks and he was born in 1974 in Bristol. He started his Graffiti career in 1980’s during the aerosol boom era however he soon found that he was not quick enough with aerosols on the walls and so he opted for cutting stencils for the objects he wanted to paint and applied them on the walls. He engaged in this form of art when he as 14 and painted images that depicted comic pictures of police officers, rats, monkeys and storybook children. He is also known to simply put up signs on the walls regarding his intentions on Graffiti art.

Banksy’s Graffiti professional career started in 1989 in Bristol and his first ever painting gallery was held in 2001 in London Gallery Cargo. His work was also acknowledged in the US in 2006 through an exhibition held in Los Angeles. Banksy Graffiti artworks are present in the UK and US and mostly represent politics, ethics and pop culture.

A lot of Banksy Graffiti work is also available in modern galleries as well as in many books. Many op art sellers attempt to sell Banksy’s work (The wall art present in the streets) to the highest bidder. The removing of the art from the walls is however the winning bidder’s area of concern.

One of the masterpieces of Banksy is the monkey who wears a board on his shoulders with the warning words written on it “Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge.” This artwork was created almost a decade ago and originally was not painted in the trademark stencil manner rather the painting was painted on paper and then pasted on the wall.

The poster of the painting is four feet tall originally, however later on, the painting stenciled on the walls. The original paper made art piece is available for sale and is considered a ‘long lost modern masterpiece’ by art lovers.

Considering the price art lovers are ready to pay for the work of the internationally renowned Graffiti artist, this masterpiece is capable of earning much higher than its present estimation of £125,000. Earlier on other art pieces of Banksy were also brought up for auction and while some were sold within the set estimated price, some art pieces marveled rather surprised the sellers and the buyers as they gathered an amount that doubled even tripled the estimated selling price.

Banksy’s incredible Graffiti art work, his anonymity, his Oscar award nomination along with his visionary thought and his rebel nature only adds up to his enigma and it seems as people still did not get enough of him. Interest in his work is increasing as yet and every art work that bears the name of Banksy is an instant hit among art lovers.

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