Developing an Eclectic Personal Art Collection

Art collecting is not only for the rich; it requires no specialized training or education and if done correctly, can offer a lifetime of personal satisfaction and entertainment. There is however a mentality that only very wealthy people can have an art collection. This is a completely incorrect assumption. Many collections start with just one object. It could be something that someone in your family has handed down to you or maybe just something that caught your eye at a garage sale. If it is art to you and you love having it and want more then you have the love that it takes to be an art collector.

Many people have what are called, eclectic collections of art. You may have even started your own eclectic art collection and not have even realized it. Eclectic collections often include varying types of works; it could be paintings with sculptures, knickknacks, or maybe even a theme related set of objects. Some of the biggest eclectic art collections are those that are amassed for holiday celebrations. Many collectors have started off with one tree ornament and then have found themselves getting every tree ornament that catches their eye.

These types of collections are just the same as those collections valued in the millions. The point of the collection, in most cases, is not about money, but more about the personal value, the sentimental value of the works that you collect. The beauty of your collection of art, no matter what it is, should not be hidden away in boxes in an attic. If you want to add something very interesting to your home, then select a small corner, a wall or even an entire room and neatly display your collection. You can do this with shelves or even specially made glass cases depending on the size of your collection.

Art collections, especially eclectic art collections, can be of anything from comic books to acrylic paintings on canvas. A lot of the beauty of any collection comes in the presentation of the work as well as the works themselves. After your collection of art is assembled and presented in an appealing way, you can photograph it and share it with your friends using social media like Facebook. This is an excellent way to share a part of your life that has so much meaning for you.

It doesn’t take a million dollars to assemble a collection that you can be proud of. In fact, many people have assembled collections strictly from what they discover at garage sales, yard sales and in some cases great quality work has been found at places like the Goodwill. There are also some great artists online that have their work for sale for reasonable prices. Just remember, that if you like it and you think that it is art, then it is art. Art is something that brings you personal joy when you look at it and that’s all that should matter when it comes to your art collection.

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