Decorating With Wall Art

Once the walls in your home are painted with just the right color that was painstakingly chosen, its time to decide what to put on them. There are so many great choices and these are just a few suggestions of striking and unusual items that will make your walls stand out.

One way to add texture and dimension to the walls in your home is by hanging metal wall art. This skillfully crafted type of art is a unique, classy, contemporary look. Popular themes for metal wall art are nature and abstract designs. One type of metal that is commonly used in metal wall art is copper. Besides its beautiful pinkish color, chemical treatments can be applied to copper to create unusual designs and colors. Not only is metal wall art stunning to look at, it is very durable as well. The possibilities with metal wall art are truly endless.

Another way to add texture to your walls is with a wall tapestry. Wall tapestries look great as a centerpiece behind the sofa and you can choose a contrasting color to accent your furniture or paint. Handmade wall tapestries are a form of folk art that add culture and color to your decor.

Mirrors also add dimension and light to the room. Hanging a large wall mirror in a small room will make it look bigger. Many homeowners like to hang mirrors in the entryway for one last appearance check before heading out the door. A decorative mirror can also replace a painting hung over the fireplace to avoid damage that heat can cause.

Wall sconces or candle holders are a great way to add more light to a dark wall and add a relaxing atmosphere to any room. Placed on either side of a painting or other type of wall art, wall sconces act as accent lighting.

Adding a decorative shelf or shelves to your wall is a great way to display collectibles, nick-knacks or photos. You can build your shelves yourself, or buy shelves and install them where you want. Wood shelves can be stained or painted, or you could chose a wrought iron shelf.

Of course, as with any decorating project, its important not to over do it. Too much wall decor can make the room look cluttered and small. Make sure you leave enough space between items on your walls.

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