Release of "Kidchachke" "Kopele" at Mefoar Judaica Headquarters


The “Kidchachke” entertainment device features unlimited educational entertainment for young Yiddish speaking children – and aspiring Yiddish speakers of all ages. Certified by “Mishmeres Hakodesh & Chinuch” – this device is child safe, strictly Kosher, and has no internet capability.


Children will listen in awe for hours as they listen and read along to Yiddish ‘stories from our sages’ narrated by world renowned master storyteller Reb Leibel Lish, accompanied by vivid pictures. Comes pre-loaded with 12 stories, totaling over 3 hours. Kids will listen over and over!


Double the fun with 2 microphones and sing along to 17 classic and contemporary Jewish Karaoke tracks, with on-beat lyrics display. The Kidchachke is truly a revolution in the Jewish entertainment market! Includes 10 pre-loaded Yiddish bonus tracks that sing of core Jewish values.


Jewish boys and girls will have hours of coloring to do, with 92 blank templates to choose from! Themes include Hebrew Alphabet Aleph Beis, Mitzvos, Brachos, Animals, and Fun Transportation Vehicles. Children can save their colored artwork masterpieces to the device.


With hours of unlimited fun, this device makes a great gift for Jewish Girls and Boys of all ages. Perfect for Chanukah presents, birthday gifts, Upsherin present, and more. USB capability allows for you to play your own tracks or view your own photos on the device.
Entertain young children of all ages with traditional, Yiddish, kosher content for hours with a one-of-a-kind device from Kidtchatchke!


There are a multitude of exciting activities for Jewish children available on this machine:

Children can read along to 12 intriguing Yiddish stories, told by famed storyteller Reb Leibish Lish, accompanied by bright, detailed photos for audiovisual entertainment.

The first of its kind, this device comes equipped with 17 popular Jewish songs for a fully Yiddish Karaoke experience. With 2 microphones and highlighted lyrics timed to the beat of the music, you’ll bring the fun and excitement of Jewish music into your home. Also comes pre-loaded with 10 addional Yiddish songs that promote core Jewish values.

Kids can get creative and color 92 coloring templates that feature a variety of artwork celebrating mitzvahs, Jewish blessings, the Hebrew alphabet, animals, and transportation. Children can color directly on the device, and save their work for parents to admire.
Using the handy USB port, you can view photos of your own or play music you’ve downloaded yourself.


Kosher product – certified by Mishmeres Hakodesh & Chinuch • Yiddish Music library featuring bedtime music, Shabbos songs, and other Jewish themes • 12 Yiddish stories from Jewish sages • More than 3 hours of storytelling time, accompanied by pictures and subtitles • First-ever Yiddish karaoke machine • 2 microphones
17 popular Yiddish Karaoke songs • 92 Jewish-themed coloring templates • USB compatibility

Mishmeres Hakodesh & Chinuch, under the supervision of HaRav Blau, has found this machine to be 100% kosher and safe for children. There’s no connection to the Internet, and no inappropriate music or images. This unique, education-enhancing children’s toy is a great gift or option for young children of all ages!

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  1. Buenos y bendecidos días qué hermoso que maravilla 👼 que angelitos más hermosos y velos tan felices alegres 💙 es una felicidad para uno de igual forma. los niños son algo hermoso que el eterno los bendiga siempre a. Esos angelitos. Y bendiga Israel Jerusalén 🙏🏼💙💙💙💙💙💙🇮🇱❤️

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