Bluenoemi Jewish Gifts, Christian Gifts, Israeli Souvenirs.

Armenian Ceramics hamsas, Mugs, plates and home decor.
Ceramic handmade Mugs featuring Tel Aviv / Jerusalem / Jaffa / Nazareth / Shalom / Flowers. Wall hangings hamsas, pomegranates, home blessing.
Colourful souvenir. Israeli handmade.
Gifts for Home
Laser cut hamsas, magnets, key holders, Mezuzah.
Artistic design decorated, Armenian Ceramics, made in Israel by artists from the Armenian community.
Each individual item is hand made with ceramic clay and hand painted using metallic and oxidized paint in order to keep its natural colour.
Each item is finished with a fine glazing that gives it its attractive appearance.
Traditional Armenian original products. Hand painted colorful flowers.
From the Old City – Holy Land Israel.
Judaica and Christian motifs.
Gifts for Home


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