The 5 Best Techno Songs From 1995 to 1999

I have picked out, in my opinion, the 5 Best Techno Songs from 1995 to 1999. I enjoy a wide variety of electronic music, so some of these picks might be better classified as Rave, Electronic Dance, Trance, Eurodance, Electronica or maybe even House. Genres are getting a little too specific anyway, and there are way too many different classifications. So, if the song was at least partly synthetic, and had a good enough beat to dance to it, then it made my list. Techno songs usually have several different mixes of the same song, so if there is a specific version that I like it will be noted after the song title.

Here are my top 5 picks, in chronological order…

1. Children (Eat Me Edit) by Robert Miles, 1995

I picked this specific mix because it contains the famous piano riff, which ironically was not in the original version of this song. One of the reasons this song was written was to have something more calm to listen to at the end of a dance to help reduce the number of car accidents. No matter what the reason was for its creation, it’s a wonderful song.

2. Insomnia by Faithless, 1995

I was introduced to this song recently, so I didn’t know about it when it first came out. This song was made by a British dance group and was released as their second single. It of course became one of their most popular. It’s the best song to play late at night when you can’t sleep.

3. Trip Like I Do by The Crystal Method, 1997

I’ll be honest; the main reason why I like this song is because it uses lines from the movie The Dark Crystal. It’s always been one of my favorite movies and most arguably Jim Henson’s greatest work. Oh, and I almost forgot, the song is good too.

4. Believe by Cher, 1998

This song was the very first to use the vocal pitch correcting software called Auto-Tune. Since then many bands, especially in dance music, have taken advantage of this effect. I’ve used it myself, and it’s very fun. Now, I wouldn’t consider Cher a Techno artist, but this is still a fun dance tune with cool effects.

5. Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65, 1999

A lot of people misinterpreted the lyrics when this song first came out, some of them are quite funny, but in reality they were just nonsensical lyrics. The music video includes CGI animation of blue aliens and live band members fighting with them. I would recommend watching it with subtitles. It’s a great song that’s fun to sing with your own lyrics.

A few others I considered for the list were: Around the World by Daft Punk 1996, Barbie Girl by Aqua 1997 & Ray of Light by Madonna 1998.

Whether you agree with my picks or not, there is no disputing that Techno music is one of the most influential genres out there, and a dance is not a dance without it.

Source by Doug Clyde

Epic Powerful Vocal: STRANGE YOUNG WORLD | by Hidden Citizens & Rånya

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Title: Strange Young World
Artist: Hidden Citizens & Rånya
Featuring Producer: Josh Bruce Williams (Ruelle)
Year: 2017


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Steps of Becoming a Famous Actor

Many people have got different views towards how to become famous. However, the good news is that this article will provide you with steps on how to become a famous actor. Can you imagine that with determination and hard work you can make your acting dream to become a reality? You should not think about acting as a part time activity rather than a full time professional job.

The first step of how to become famous is to enroll into acting classes. Probably, you might think that acting is your talent and you do not require undertaking any courses. You should know that the acting courses are very important as they will not only help to improve your curriculum vitae, but also perfecting your acting abilities. Acting classes will help you to learn how to work with other people and act a specific character or role. The classes will help to know your real personality and determine the role that you can act perfectly. There is something called ‘type’ in acting. Your ‘type’ is determined by your personality. Something else that you should do is to be prepared for acting auditions. You should be ready for theatre auditions. Succeeding in auditions will help to show that you have got good acting skills and may be land you in a good filming industry. You should prepare yourself for an audition by memorizing a comedy or a dramatic monologue. Another skill that you should work on that is important in acting is cold reading. The good news is that there are classes that will help you to know more about cold reading. You should improve the cold reading technique by adequate practice.

An effective strategy that you can use on how to become a famous actor is going for as many auditions as possible. Going for auditions will help you to know what is required. This will help in perfecting your skills and finally you might qualify in one of them. It is important to know that headshots will speak volumes about you when in the acting industry. Thus, it is important that your picture should be taken by a professional photographer. You do not want to ruin your headshot that will help you to succeed in your dream career. For every audition that you are attending, you require having the headshots. You should research about the different professional photographers available and the different styles they have to offer. This will help you to know which photographer to go for. You should have quality headshots with a good smile. You can have different head shots with different outfits such as casual and official wear.

Something important to know about how to become famous is that both experience and marketing are essential. You can gain experience by going for attachments in various acting agencies. Each acting project that you have finished successfully should be included in your curriculum vitae. You can also have a recorded DVD of your acting project. This will be a major boost to your career.

Andy Warhol

“Andy,” she asks, “the Canadian government spokesman said that your art could not be described as original sculpture. Would you agree with that?” Warhol answers, “Yes.” “Why do you agree?” “Well, because it’s not original.” “You have just then copied a common item?” “Yes.” The interviewer gets exasperated. “Why have you bothered to do that? Why not create something new?” “Because it’s easier to do.” “Well, isn’t this sort of a joke then that you’re playing on the public?” “No. It gives me something to do.”


Cultural Treats in Faro: Top Museums and Art Galleries to Visit

Faro is a wonderful city located in the Algarve in Portugal, and it is the normal arrival point for holidaymakers flying into the region from abroad in search of fun, sun and sand. You may be planning to arrive here before travelling to a coastal resort such as Albufeira. If so, before you get your transfer from Faro Airport to Albufeira, discover some more of the cultural side of the city. There are a number of excellent museums and art galleries to visit, so make the time to visit one, or all, of the following.

1. The Municipal Museum of Archaeology

This is one of the main museums you should try to visit before you hop on the transfer from Faro Airport to Albufeira. Known locally as the Museu Municipal de Faro, you will not find it hard to locate – there is a large statue of King Afonso presiding outside (he was the king of Portugal in the 13th century). The museum is on Praca Afonso III, and is housed inside a convent dating back to the 16th century, called the Convento da Nossa Senhora da Assuncao. This is a stunning building, and one of the best-preserved convents in the country.

One of the highlights that you will find inside this museum is the Roman mosaic depicting Neptune, which dates back to the 3rd century. You will also see various ancient Roman statues – most of which were discovered at Estoi – as well as some tombstones. All in all, it is a fascinating attraction for anyone interested in archaeology and will provide you with a unique insight into the history of the region.

2. Maritime Museum

Known locally as the Museu Maritimo, this museum provides information about the local fishing industry in the city. Portugal was a great seafaring nation and fishing has long been an important (in fact, vital) industry here. Located on Capitania de Porto de Faro at the harbour, you will be able to see the model boats on display as well as interesting items that have been discovered in the area.

3. Arco Art Gallery

This art gallery is one of the finest, and it is located right on the city walls. Go along to enjoy the art collection, which focuses mainly on Portuguese contemporary art, but also enjoy the beautiful views over the Ria Formosa while you are there. As well as the permanent collection, the gallery puts on temporary exhibits throughout the year.

4. The Regional Museum of the Algarve

The Museu Regional Do Algarve is one of the best museums in the city, so do try to find some time to visit before you catch your transfer from Faro Airport to Albufeira. It is located on Praça de Liberdade, and is dedicated to handcrafts of the immediate region and around the Algarve. You’ll find examples of traditional weavings, lacework and more, and get an insight into the crafts of the region.

See the Best of Faro

The museums and galleries above will provide you with a unique insight into life in the Algarve and the history of Faro and the surrounding region. If you’re planning on travelling from Faro Airport to Albufeira to enjoy a beach holiday, it’s well worth finding some time before your transfer to visit one or more of the above.

Source by Lukas Johannes


In this painting demo I’ll show how I paint a portrait with oils.
Oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm (~12 x 12 inches)

▷ For prints and original paintings please visit


Materials used:

• Oil paints – Gamblin Oil Colors and Nevskaya palitra (russian brand)
Colors: Burnt umber, Cadmium Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Red and Titanium White. (I have a color-mixing video where I explain how I premix my palette) In addition I have a couple of colors that I use very rarely: Ivory Black, Celestial Blue and Cobalt Violet Deep.
• Primed linen canvas (from a local art-store)
• Paint thinner (odorless mineral spirits)
• Medium (stand linseed oil)
• Brushes – Detail brushes & Filbert synthetic brushes of different sizes
• Glass palette (homemade)
• Palette knife (from a local art-store)
• Varnish
• Paper towels (or tissues that I use to wipe the brushes)

Music: The Next Step – Classical guitar instrumental by The Tinkerbell Effect
Music License:

Music: Acoustic/Pop/Rock/Alternative – Acoustically driven instrumental by Hyde
Music License: