Contemporary Art Sucks, Right?

Few days ago I went to see a contemporary art exhibition in my city. It was weird.
Check out Nadya’s artwork here:


Bilderbergin by Robbero (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.

LISA CRISTI by BOCrew (c) copyright 2010 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: SackJo22 / THEDEEPR / BOCREW


Pop Art – Comic Book Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, heres a fun Halloween look! Pop art!
I started with foundation on my face, forgot to add that on the video. 🙂

Products used:
MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner
Make Up For Ever Flash Palette
MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

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Baianasystem Live Full Stream at Bahia Street Art Festival 2017 2017

Artist : Baianasystem
Date : Monday, 20 November, 2017 at Bahia Street Art Festival 2017
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Rock Icons – Amazing Pop Art of Iconic Rock Legend Yngwie Malmsteen

ROCK ICONS – Amazing Pop Art of Iconic Rock
Legend Yngwie Malmsteen – Evil Eye !


In this estimated six minute ‘pop art lecture’, (presentation),
Cleveland Pop Art Artist : Kinjiru Jin-Koto’s Rock Icons.
Absolutely Amazing Pop Art Portraits of Iconic Rock
Legends such as this Pop Art on Canvas of Guitar Icon
‘Yngwie J. Malmsteen’ – This Pop Art Painting Is
Appropriately Titled : Yngwie – Evil Eye !

This ‘pop art illustrator’ is based in Cleveland,Ohio. Kinjiru began
to form his artistic vision at the age of nine when he began his
‘Pop Art Drawing’ when he’d seen the cover of Destroyer, an
album by the infamous rock group KISS. The cover of that
album was created by Ken Kelly, who would become one
of Kinjiru’s major inspirations.

From a young age, Kinjiru Jin-Koto was fascinated by
the amazing album covers of hard rock and heavy metal
bands. Throughout his youth, he would spend countless
hours in his room drawing, while being inspired by the
magick of music from the bands he refers to as “The
Legends”: Kiss, Angel, Black Sabbath, Ozzy with Randy
Rhoads, Dio, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Blue
Oyster Cult, Nazareth, Yes, Alice Cooper . . .

These rock icons have been his inspiration ever since
he can remember. Kinjiru considers his artistic talent
to be born, in fact, from the magick of this music. His
fascination with the images and album covers of these
legendary bands etched themselves into his mind and
would never diminish. His artistic obsession with rock
musicians and rock guitar icons would only increase
in time.

Education & Influences

Kinjiru is predominantly a self-taught artist. His only art
background was as an art major in high school, where
he took as many art classes as possible. But, as Kinjiru
emphatically states, “Art teachers actually never taught
me anything; they would simply give you an assignment
and you either did it or you didn’t. However, they never
actually taught concepts, principles, or techniques of
art.” Instead, Kinjiru learned from books, such as
Fantasy Artist Boris Vallejo’s On Fantasy Art, which
teaches fantasy art painting techniques, fantasy art
drawing, and of course it contains his fantasy artwork,
as well as, Boris’ fantasy art women, i.e., Boris Vallejo’s
best & most beautiful fantasy art is definitely exemplified
in this fantasy art book.

Kinjiru was obsessed with always striving for perfection
in everything he drew or illustrated. His influences also
included comic books and album cover art, such as:

• The KISS Albums Destroyer & Love Gun by Ken Kelly
• The Black Sabbath Albums Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
by Drew Struzan
Mob Rules
by Greg Hildebrandt
• The Nazareth Album Expect No Mercy by Frank Frazetta
• The Angel Album On Earth As It Is In Heaven by David Joseph
• The Iron Maiden Albums Killers and Number of the Beast by
Derek Riggs
• And finally, as far as portraiture is concerned his two favorite
albums of all time, Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Ozz & Diary of
a Madman album covers.

Drawing from these magickal influences, Kinjiru continued to
develop his art and hone his skills with the goal of perfection
in becoming a professional artist. Kinjiru takes great pride in
his art and feels strongly that his portraits are visions of
perfection. As he has now reached a professional level of
quality for which he would always strive. As Kinjiru himself
writes: “The masters of art have shown unto me that the way
of art lies in fact in portraits – so portraits it is, and mine are
available at the quality I have always desired at last !

Anyone who desires private commissions for amazing
portraits, drawings, and illustrations. Contact Kinjiru
Jin-Koto for your custom one-of-a-kind portrait.”

Kinjiru now creates art professionally in a variety of
styles and genres.

Show how loyal your passion is for your favorite rock icon
or band by hanging an amazing portrait on your wall. Artist
Kinjiru Jin-Koto is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and specializes
in the extraordinary artistry of amazing one-of-a-kind rock
icon portraits.

The “Rock Icon” Series in particular the pop art poster
series which consists of : Eddie Van Halen, David Lee
Roth, Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, and of course Alice
Cooper are currently available !

The magick of hard rock and heavy metal
musicians are larger than life characters
who cast their spell on the minds of millions,
as they fill the stage. In his portraits, Kinjiru
captures their magick, intensity, and the
dynamic persona of these legendary
musical magicians. His Rock Icon series
are perfect in their vision and presentation
for anyone with a passion for the magic of
art and music. Order your very own amazing
custom one-of-a-kind portrait or print today !


Baianasystem At Bahia Street Art Festival 2017 (HD Stereo)

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The Rocket Bar in Austin, and a visit from RC Concepcion

The Rocket Bar in Austin, and a visit from RC Concepcion

This is a photo of a strange place on South Congress. I was down at a restaurant in the area and I saw this when I was walking back to my car. As usual, I had my tripod and camera ready, so I set up for a shot. It was actually a store that sold all kinds of pop art and a lot of neon. I thought it looked cool through the frosted glass. Any of you Austinites know the name of this place?

Also, recently I had the pleasure of hanging out with RC Concepcion when he came down to Austin to host a photo-editing seminar along with Dave Cross in Austin. Here is RC’s HDR he shot here in Austin. I found out he was coming to Austin on Twitter, so we tweeted up a little get-together in a well-orchestrated 140-character tennis match. We went out to shoot the SRV statue in the rain, ate a leisurely dinner full of philosophical thoughts, and then I had him over to show him the "Stuck in Motion" video over at my home before it was released. I was happy that this guy, the know-it-all (in a good way) host of Layers TV could not even figure it out! BTW, if you are looking to bone up on all your Adobe products, be sure to watch some Layers TV or subscribe to the free video podcast in iTunes.

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