“In search of Space” Hawkwind.

this not a nightshot but I shot my garden marble table….


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Pop Art Cosplay Makeup Rocky Horror Picture Show Brad and Janet DAMMIT JANET- mathias4makeup

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW inspired me to become a performer when I was young, and in this Sneak Peek of an upcoming Makeup Tutorial based on POP ART MAKEUP I want to share with you my BRAD AND JANET “DAMMIT JANET” MUSIC VIDEO which I filmed with my fiancé Tom for Halloween!!! Tom and I dressed up for Halloween as Brad and Janet but put a creative twist on the idea by becoming COMIC BOOK CHARACTERIZED VERSIONS OF THE FAMOUS COUPLE. I hope you LOVE this video and subscribe for the upcoming 2 part POP ART MAKEUP DEMOS.

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17 Amazing Street Art Photos

Street art can take a boring city street and turn it into something really spectacular. Here are 17 amazing street art photos!

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9. Earth Crusher
You get the idea New York is a big place to see street art. Now let’s look at some art from around the world. As you’ve probably noticed, most of these artists prefer not to use their real name, 1 because it seems cooler and more artistic and 2 because they don’t want the cops knocking at their door because it some senses, it still sort of is vandalism. Earth Crusher came up with this design in Montreal, which is supposed to symbolism international CEO greed and brainwashing.

8. Waxhead
Not all street art has to be intricate and well planned in order for it to be amusing. An Artist by the name of Wax, also in Montreal. This artist enjoys creating simple yet bizarre looking creatures that seem to be from out of this world. Most of his work is just comical and he doesn’t always try to convey a deep message with each work. His style of art seems almost inspired by cartoon characters from the show, Adventure Time, and you can kind of see that in this piece

7. Jef Aerosol
While some artists like to remain anonymous, Jef Aerosol isn’t really one of them. This work of street art is found near L’eglise Saint Merri in Paris, located just North of Notre Dame and the artist depicts himself in a self portrait, putting his finger over his mouth to tell people to keep quiet about his vandalism! Other street artists have decided recently to add to this wall. It’s easy to find much vibrant art near his portrait for are intricate designs for fountains, one being the Fountain Stravinsky in this photo.

6. Memorial to Diana
Berlin is also home to some of the most fascinating street art in the world. While being used to separate the communist east from the non communist west side, artists used it as their canvas. This was of course, only on the west side. Thierry Noir from France, claims to be the first one to paint the wall. Whether this is true or not, is unknown but later in 1998 he painted on a remaining piece in honor of Princess Diana passing away. He’s known for his cartoonish styles and has several pieces of art using the pieces wall as a canvas. This one here with the teal face, is displayed in New York City on a segment of the Berlin Wall.

This interesting piece of art blends nature with graffiti to create a unique design using the tree leaves as hair. It’s believed that this is situated in San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic and was painted by a man named Gabriel Abreu. This artist has left many strikingly lifelike images around the streets of Santo Domingo, Santiago, Constanza to name a few and is characterized by his detail in facial features.

4. The Twins
Brazil is also home to a thriving street art scene, partially thanks to a graffiti duo by the name of Os Gemeos, or the twins in Portuguese. Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, both from Sao Paulo, came up with this unreal design and began their careers of spray painting in 1987. Their color designs often have political and social background to them. They try to add a Brazilian folklore and hip hop influence to their works of art.

3. Bicycle Without Brakes
A Brazilian Trio, who goes by Bicicleta sem Freio, or Brazilian for Bicycle without Brakes, came up with this amazing design on the side of a building. They are inspired by pop culture and enjoy adding a psychedelic flare to their art, using bright, eye catching color that makes it hard to miss! They began designing posters but their work got them a lot of attention and it translated well to street art.

2. Banky
It’s difficult to complete this list without getting into a few of Banksy’s artwork. He’s arguably the most well known street artists and is known for his controversial street art designs. Banksy from England, remains anonymous and began his career in with a few other artists named Kato and Tes. He his also anti capitalist and criticizes society and the media’s portrayal of important issues. In this photo you see a piece known as Shop til You Drop. He jokes that,”We can’t do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles. In the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves”.

Girl With a Balloon Hope
Although this doesn’t seem like the most intricate design on the list and it probably took much less work than basically all of them, Banksy finds a way to compel passersby with interpretation. Located in London, this is one of Banksy’s most well pieces. This little girl reaches up to a balloon that is slightly out of her grasp and behind her states, there is always hope. Many people have enjoyed this as a design for a tattoo and it’s one of the most talked about pieces of street art today..


Muse, Music and Melodies

On Sunday I went to see Muse, possibly my favourite band of all time, to watch them play the entirety of one of their earlier albums (Origins of Symmetry), followed by a collection of all their ‘hits’. To put it simply, they were astonishing, and there were many remarkable things about the performance as a whole, needless to say their incredible playing, improvisations and energetic engagements of the song were crowd-pleasing, but what really stood out to me was the fact that they hardly spoke. In fact Mathew Bellamy, the lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter/pianist and genius, addressed the audience twice in the entirety of the 2 and a half hour show.

Did this mean he was not comfortable speaking publicly? Did this mean he did not want to engage with the audience? Of course not. In fact, afterwards, everyone I spoke to praised that he, nor the others, had not spoken, or volunteered any personal information or indeed referenced any of the previous performances of the day. I wondered why it had been so effective, with their wordless transitions from one masterpiece to another inspiring a kind of awe; then my girlfriend said: “They knew that their songs could speak to us in more ways than words ever could…” – Eureka! She was right!

The Bard once said: “If music be the food of love / Play on, give me excess of it…” – I doubt there is anyone reading this that has not heard this famous quotation which encapsulates the idea that music can feed our emotional states; in this particular case love. But I think music is even more universal than that, it is a medium which can cross language, station and tap in a more direct way than even poetry or art can, into the very core of human feeling. Perhaps this is why the Buddhists believe that it was the musical note of the ‘Om’ that created the universe and that still resonates throughout the universe today. In addition we see that the very greatest poetry often utilises rhythm (such as iambic pentameter in the Shakespeare quotation above) so that the words we are hearing evolve in a kind of musical way.

Take another very famous quotation by the Bard:

“Thus with a kiss I die.”

At first glance this sentence seems extraordinarily simple, especially considering the works of the man who penned it. But in terms of its rhythm it is immensely complex! There is a ‘stress’ on the word “Thus” giving a heavy blow to the first word, then another stress on the word “with”: separating it from the “Thus” so naturally the there comes a slight pause between the two heavier sounds: “Thus (pause) with” then “a” is an un-stress and so it flows quickly but then the “kiss” has another stress which halts the rhythm again. “Thus (pause) with a kiss (pause)” The final stresses fall on “I” and “die” in addition to them being an internal rhyme which puts huge emphasis on them and underlines them to the audience. And so, the sentence is naturally broken up in a way that communicates its own musical timing when we read it. Of course an actor might choose to break the convention of the rhythm of the language, but this would probably make the line sound rushed or out of place. When due weight is given to the stresses of the line then it suddenly takes shape and becomes more powerful. “Thus (pause) with a kiss (pause) I die”

We see that sound and music can actually influence us in profound ways. In fact musical patterns are easier to remember than simple prose. Why is it that every student with exams complains that they can’t remember any details for an exam, and yet they are able to easily recite every-single-word to every-single-song from an artist they enjoy? And so it was with Muse that their songs influenced us in a way that no words can, if they had told thousands of people to all crowd into one space and jump up and down in a frenzy no doubt they would have been laughed at, but the power of their music, the way the rifts and melodies gripped hold of your very consciousness and made your flesh tingle, caused us to do as they bid.

So what is the object of this article? To show that music is essential in our lives, and also can be used to help us experience catharsis, i.e. to cleanse our bodies of negative emotions by experiencing them (such as deep sorrow with a song we find moving). It can also help us to recall, it can lift our spirits, and it can inspire other works of art around them. Unfortunately I have forgotten who it was that penned this line, but I despite this in my belief the truth of its metaphor stands: “All life is simply frozen music”

Thank you for reading.