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Every business concern has a name with which it is identified. This name becomes a brand name when the product or services is marketed worldwide and is accepted and recognized for what it stands for. Now how can just a name grow into a brand name? Every business today follows a good marketing strategy and the first most important factor defining the success of the business strategy is the exposure the business gets through the advertisements.

The best aide for any advertisement depends upon the most eye catching and logo ridden sign board. Placing the Toronto sign in crowded malls and road end will no doubt attract a lot of attention. The concept of a good advertisement is as important as the sign design and set up. Creativity counts more than just the size or quality of the sign presented. Actually a good sign can increase the image of the product show cased.

Graphic signs are becoming more popular as people are easily attracted towards it. Logos, letterheads, posters, brochures, branding, displays, exhibits, banners and corporate identity are all some of the graphic signs designed at the Toronto signs. It not only catches the eyes of the viewer but also easily finds a place in his heart, and it also reminds him of the brand, which serves the purpose of the sign placed.

Storefront and retail signage can enhance the stores looks and the attractive signs placed for the public view will no doubt increase the customer traffic. Toronto signs offer profession signs just to serve this purpose. They offer exterior illuminating signs, awnings, neon letters, pylon signs and non – illuminating signs. What’s more they also provide in house repair and maintenance of the signs.

Exhibit and display signage provide quality displays for events, conventions and trade shows. It is also being used as pop displays which showcase the product as window displays. Major events and conventions are the right places to show case and promote the product trough ceiling banners, streamers and mobiles, banner stands and flags and buntings. The concept and design is what takes the products name to the hearts of the general public.

Promotional signage on the other hand is renowned for site development signs, agent listing signs, property sale and rental signs etc. banners like the printed and vinyl cut graphic banners, silk screen printed banners, floor graphics etc are also used to promote the products.

Interior signage products like plaques and name signage, office directories and traffic and parking control signs together with the window frosting and tinting custom made graphics and logos are also effectively promoted to clients by the Toronto signs. Dimensional architectural letters, aluminum, brass, bronze, etched and engraved plaques and lobby designs manufacturing and installation is some of their other areas of interest.

Other than these custom designs, the Toronto signs are also experts in POS and specialty signs like interior hotel signs and graphics, table top display, POP stands and illuminated window signs. Cliental testimony stands proof of the excellent, professional and timely service offered by the company.

Custom made signs keeping in mind the general psychology of the people and the clients need has lead this company on the path of success and goodwill. Whatever the size and however difficult the installation the Toronto sign company strives to meet the demands of the client in conceiving and executing creative art work in the form of signs.

Daylesford – Journey Or Destination?

One of my favourite destinations for a short break is Daylesford. It is so handy, just an hour and a quarter from my home in Melbourne, and although it does have a huge range of things to do, it is mainly the drive itself and the ever changing scenery that keeps me coming back.

Whether approaching by the Calder or Western Highway, the drive is half the fun for me. The turn from the Western Highway to the Ballan – Daylesford Rd always brings a sigh of relief, as the long straights of the busy highway change suddenly to a meandering country road. Tall trees frame the way, tantalising views of lovely pastureland flicker by, til dramatic breaks appear between the stand’s revealing a backdrop of rolling hills or the melancholy site of a long abandoned cottage. Hand painted signs offering fresh fruit and vegetables at roadside stands, seem to advertise not just their wares, but also the fact that you have left the city and have entered a slower, gentler world. The road winds past violet lavender fields towards the town, then dips at the lake, before rising in to the town itself, where fabulous restaurants, galleries, great shopping and a plethora of day spa’s await. An excellent source for finding accommodation in Daylesford is Daylesford Accommodation Directory.

I often take another route home, than the one I took in to Daylesford so that I can enjoy a different perspective. It doesn’t matter too much which way as it is all rewarding, there are several lovely alternatives.

Taking the Trentham – Daylesford Rd is always pleasant, this way also has magnificent mature trees and lovely rolling country, but is accentuated with more small communities and quaint farm-let’s. If you are heading for home that way on a Sunday, drop in to the Daylesford Market at the Daylesford Railway Station, for local produce, trash and treasure and crafts. As you travel along this pretty road, there are other spots you may pick up some local produce, perhaps a little wine to remind you of your weekend, some local olive oil or chestnut’s to roast at home.

Trentham is itself a cute little town to stop for a cup of tea or latte and at this point I often decide whether to go through Blackwood or Woodend. The journey through Blackwood offers an interesting drive, tight turns and sweeping curves give glances of some very pretty scenery, before circling back to the Western Hwy. Autumn is a stunning time to travel this way, and my personal favourite. Deep gold’s, vibrant red’s of the trees contrast the dark green’s of the grass and clear blue of the autumn sky, making every turn a delight.

The drive through to Woodend is also nice, with straighter roads and open fields leading to the lovely little town itself, which offers cake and coffee and some nice specialty shops. I prefer to take a little more time and detour through Kyneton. Like Daylesford, it is a gold town, so the buildings have a lot of character, many bluestones and historic sites, with antiques, crafts and plenty of eateries it is well worth a visit.

Going the long way round through Castlemaine is another lovely option, picking up some beautiful treats at the Chocolate Mill on the way through can make this drive even more memorable. The road is open and sweeping, with rolling paddocks, cattle and mature trees to view and famous Mt. Franklin rising out of the farmland on the way. Historic Castlemaine has impressive buildings also, especially the Castlemaine Gaol looming up over the town from it’s hilltop. On the way back through a visit to Maldon is well worth the time, as you drive through note the antique town features the original condition authentic signage and buildings, meticulously maintained giving an aura of bygone times.

It is surprising how quickly you arrive back in Melbourne along either the Calder Hwy or the Western Hwy once you decide to leave the Spa Country. I look at the drive to and from Daylesford itself as a big part of the weekend getaway itself, not as a necessary evil. For me, taking the time to explore the countryside completes the weekend, instead of rushing to get back, why not enjoy the drive? Not many destinations offer this as well as Daylesford, and when you have the opportunity to indulge in the journey itself rather than having to put up with it, your break is that much more memorable.

Source by Doug Meijer

Jokes and Racism – In Our Iranian Culture

Have you ever noticed that our daily life’s activities and hobbies could sound ill-mannered and hurtful to other people? Have you ever meet people who get offended by jokes, even though you have told them without any intent to offend any group?

There is a huge relationship between jokes and latent racism among us; again I am talking about us as a group, as Iranian people. You many now get offended saying why am I in the world calling us racist?

No, I am not doing that.

What I try to say is that in every culture, there are external factors in our lives that are hard to make sense of, why we make jokes of them. There are also internal wishes, dreams, hopes, and desires which can be expressed in our Iranian culture in the content of jokes. It is easy then to say: “I am joking”, “I did not mean it”.

As a matter of fact, what we say, there is a meaning behind it. We choose words that make sense to us based on what we intend to say. Jokes are not always Jokes. We many times mean what we say, although we may not be brave enough to acknowledge that.

There is a relationship between jokes and racism. I really hope that researchers could use this topic one day as there must be a connection out there.

With racism we talk about ideas which are used as an indication of disliking, judging, belittling, or demonising individuals, groups, nations, and others.

Many times we engage in racial comments based on our biased opinions without meaning to be racist or judgmental towards others.

Just think of what our communication in a regular day looks like: we meet people, talk, eat, walk, and tell jokes.

Jokes belong to our everyday lives; we tell jokes in every context, at work and at home, here and there. We tell jokes at the dinner table, at parties, via the Internet, in our phone conversations, and even during meetings within our communities.

We may ask, “What is wrong with that?”

Some aspects of this joke-telling as a social activity have hurt many people.

Many of our jokes are placing different races, ethnic groups, and families into categories– where no one wants to be placed. You are questioning this, let’s talk more!

Most of our jokes have sexual contents. Now you would say how else would a joke be?

Let us ask: Why are our jokes sexualized and racially motivated?

Why do our jokes lean toward dehumanizing, devaluing, and unfair criticism certain groups and especially women?

What is so “funny” about these jokes anyway? How can we picture our family and friends be the character of those jokes? Those jokes we say usually talks about real people with real ethnical background. We know that for sure.

Our jokes start with someone from an ethnic background who is either dumb, perverted, or an abuser, and he does or says “funny” things in order to make a point. Each one of us knows at least a dozen of jokes, where women are sex objects and men are the active player, the abuser.

How many jokes have we heard where children are being molested by the man from ‘some’ city and ‘……..’?

How many jokes do we know where women or children are slaves for many things? Sometimes the character does things that sound “funny,” yet most of the time, by what we are saying, we victimize someone or some group!

Don’t you think these jokes have other, hidden functions and that they project something else into our culture?

How about considering having some dignity and stopping telling these types of jokes!

How about being brave and admit why do we need to tell these jokes?

Some people complain about “white” people being racist; we have to explain how we are NOT racists ourselves!

There are many, many websites created by our “funny” people and they are having “fun” by spreading this germ of racist and sexist jokes.

How about to use our humanistic eyes and value people? We can still make jokes of many things and situations? We have a tendency to be most active Joke makers!

Being funny is different that disrespecting people. Being funny can happen in the realm of respect and dignity.

Racial jokes indeed reflect a dismantled hatred and segregation. These jokes only and only increase the already existing conflicts.

Jokes are our words, words are our thoughts, our thoughts are our beliefs, and our beliefs reflect our inner world. We should be more careful with what we say and how we say it!

Being funny can occur in the realm of admiration and protection of others’ rights! We live in a world where we already suffer from the anxiety of the words that are creating harm and hate. We need to redefine our needs for joke telling.

With the current trends as Stand Up-Comedians, we could learn more how to polish our jokes. Using critical eyes into our culture and identity is positive in order to create a dialog. However what we do we call groups for names and we make it believable that this or other group are careless, sexualized, or futile people. We tend to believe that certain accents are funny and we have the right to laugh at those accents. We also tend to use certain accents involved in every joke we say. We hurt people who have those accents. They are not less than us; we are naive to suppose that.

We have heard many complaints from our fellow Iranians talking about the prejudice, isolation, hostility, and racism that are time by time being felt or perceived in these Western countries we reside in. If we criticize others for having judgment about us, why do we continue telling the jokes that are destroying many souls and much trust among our own ethical groups?

Social hostility, social isolation, and prejudice have found a natural way into our language as we use jokes about various ethnic groups.

Social hostility is constructed by those who need to control others. This social hostility creates more fragile beliefs, broken hearts, and exposed individuals.

We need to clean our cultural language if we wish to remain whole.

We need to bring peace into our language, into our communication, into our families, into our communities, and eventually, hopefully into our Iranian way of living.

For decades these jokes have caused social hostility, which destroys respect, trust, kindness, communication, and relationships.

Jokes make us be “Us” and “Them!” We do need to be “Us,” in order to survive the destruction of our Iranian culture.

In our fragile world we hide behind facades of status, family type, wealth, and all other masks we like to use.

The sense of isolation for a group creates distance and contrasts with others, by becoming different than the other!

Do not let jokes become those walls.

Think about those individuals who isolate themselves in a group of people by establishing a specific language or behavior to show how they are better than others, nobler than others, and have more “class” than others.

For many individuals using jokes brings this feeling that they come from a different planet. Joke-telling in this way causes social hostility as a natural way for some individuals to elevate themselves.

Sometimes we do aim for being funny by telling those jokes yet we ignore how much impact it has on many souls around us.

Some groups or individuals use jokes as an element of social isolation, as a defence mechanism to mark the differences in social class, religion, race, and nations.

Isolation and conflict go hand in hand with a resolution into “nothing.”

We know how many various ethnic groups of us feel socially isolated as our ethnic background has been subject to racist and sexist jokes. We have already a history of many forms of discrimination and segregation. We do not need any more of this.

In using racist jokes we try to find superiority by using a latent antagonism, to set one group against another in order to command and to satisfy our own personal vanity.

Racist and sexist jokes could be “practical” for those of us who try to achieve the goal of becoming superior!

We cannot afford to let hostility become our way. Not again!

Prejudice and hostility are about how we naturally have the tendency to be willing to degrade others in order to elevate ourselves, nations towards nations, groups towards groups and so on.

If we do not like to be treated differently then we need to stop telling these jokes as they cause prejudice and hostility among our nation.

We need to stop this trend! Now or it will be too late!

Poran Poregbal

Vancouver, B.C.

August 28, 2007

Beginners’ Introduction to Mechanical Watches

The benefits of mechanical watches are tenfold for a watch enthusiast, as there is nothing quite like exploring and watching the movements inside of a mechanical watch. They have been made through years of experience and expert craftsmanship, and are a working piece of history and art!

If you think a piece of oil painting that fetches millions is nothing but a cloth with some paint spillling over it, then you might never be able to appreciate why collectors spend huge amount of money on mechanical watches. Collectors have likened them to be like art. It’s meant for appreciation not for time keeping.

Short History

Traditional mechanical watches were made with analogue dials (hands) and was based on the invention by Peter Henlein (1480-1542). It is made up of about 130 parts or more. These parts are assembled in the three main sections: the source of energy, the regulating parts, and the display.

What makes the mechanical timepiece special is that the number of parts varies depending on the function the watch has. Many collectors choose to buy mechanical watch that can record the phases of the moon, keep a record of the date, as well as record time on a daily basis.

If you were to pull a mechanical watch apart (which isn’t recommended unless you know how to put it back together again!), you would see a finely balanced internal working movement, complete with hairsprings, a gear train, and a balance wheel. These are the parts that enable the watch to record the time.

High Maintenance

If you are thinking of buying one, you should be aware that although all the springs and gears are charming and beautiful, they will require regular servicing. This can be quite costly, as you will normally have to take it to a specialist watch repair shop.

Buying Swiss?

You should also be aware when buying any mechanical watches that some watches that claim to be Swiss Made only have a swiss movement. They are often built by other companies (e.g. Japanese companies). So check carefully that the watch is a true swiss mechanical watch before you buy it, if you intend on collecting these watches. A few Swiss watch movement making companies, including Valjoux and ETA (ETA was the movement manufacturing division of Eterna until 1932 when it split off and joined Ebauches S.A), make mechanisms that are found in many popular brands. For a list of our recommended mechanical watches, please visit

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