‘Back To The 80’s’ | Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro Music Mix for 2 Hours

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▼ Track List:
0:00 FM Attack – Sleepless Nights
6:44 Niky Nine – Road
11:36 Lost Years – Pressure
16:12 Mega Corp – Last Level Last Life
20:20 Turboslash – Deathracer
24:06 MIAMI NIGHTS 1984 – Saved By The Bell
28:19 Lost Years – Lightbringers
33:40 Noir Deco – Sentient Love
38:13 LIFELIKE – Heatwave
46:16 Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch
50:34 Syrian – Dreaming
54:28 Lost Years – The connection
59:03 Garth Knight – Break Point
1:03:12 Highway Superstar – Splash
1:07:29 Tommy – Flyin’
1:12:56 TOMMY `86 – Out Run
1:16:54 ActRazer – Drift
1:21:15 Mitch Murder – Ravaged Skies
1:25;34 FM Attack – Activate
1:32:07 Mitch Murder – Night Train
1:36:05 Trevor Something – Summer Love
1:39:31 Betamaxx – Only In Movies
1:43:41 Awkoder – Lovely Eyes
1:46:46 Rain Sword – Summer Breeze
1:51:52 Dreams West – Tribes
1:55:55 The Midnight – Sunset

Thanks to devjock for creating timestamps.

▼ Wallpaper:

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Break Free | Taryn Southern (Official Music Video)

The music track and video art were created using artificial intelligence, lyrics and vocal melodies written by by Taryn. Please give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and leave feedback in the comments! See below for links to the music and more info on the AI collaborations ↓ ↓ ↓
iTunes: http://bit.ly/breakfreeitunes
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2vXzgWE
Apple Music: http://apple.co/2v7lHCE
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2uYojH2

Music composed by Amper AI: http://www.ampermusic.com

Still Image AI Art by Most Famous Artist: http://www.themostfamousartist.com/

Video AI Art by Deep Dream Generator:

Lyrics and melodies by Taryn Southern

Vocal production and arrangement by Ethan Carlson

Music distribution and royalty splits by Stem: http://www.stem.is

Beach footage shot by: Marco Bottiglieri – http://www.marcobottiglieri.com

Close-up footage shot by: Devin Mitchell – http://www.devinography.com

Video produced by Taryn Southern and Kathy Sue Holtorf – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3117569/

Edited by Taryn Southern

i wish i could see
what i can see

i wish i could touch
what i can touch

i wish i could feel
what isn’t real

i wish i could imagine

There’s more to who we are
There’s more to what we could be
as I feel the weight of being
i’m learning how to break free  

i’m breaking
i’m breaking free
i’m breaking down
i’m breaking free.

i wish i could smell
what i can smell

i wish i could taste
what i can taste

i wish i could sense
the present tense

i wish i could imagine

There’s more to who we are
There’s more to what we could be
as I feel the weight of being
i’m learning how to break free  

i’m breaking
i’m breaking free // out
i’m breaking down
i’m breaking free. // down

i’ve tried to walk a mile
in someone else’s mind
but underneath a smile
we all feel quarantined

i’m breaking
i’m breaking free
i’m breaking down
i’m breaking free.

Special thanks to Michael Hobe, Sam Estes, & Drew Silverstein at Amper Music for being awesome.

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New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial Pop of Glitter + Red Lips

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Here’s a quick lip tutorial sharing with you guys some of my tips and tricks on how to make small lips look bigger/fuller…

Lip Makeup Tutorial for Beginners 2017 | Lip Design Tutorials 2017

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| Korean Beauty Secrets · Download MP3 · MP3Juices Lip Makeup Tutorial Lip Makeup Tutorial Compilation October 2016

io/xAg We all like to know good tips and tricks for keeping our lipstick in place all day
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Thank you loveys for watching my ombre lip tutorial:) i hope you all enjoy this video.

Today i show you 7 diy makeup projects 7 diy makeup tutorial life hacks ( lip tatto rainbow lipbalm cotton swab tint color mascara jelly lipstick colors lava lamp lip gloss lip balm ring )..

Hey loves i hope you don’t mind my voice- i’m really sick 🙁 but i think this lip tutorial was so necessary..

Here’s a quick lip tutorial sharing with you guys some of my tips and tricks on how to make small lips look bigger/fuller…

Amazing lipstick tutorial compilation 2017 #2 👄👄 most satisfying video lip art makeup tutorial ..




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