Edie Sedgwick ConVersation w/ Andy Warhol

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The introduction of this News audio speaks about Andy Warhols style of Film making & Edie Sedgwick’s method of Non-acting. Edie Sedgwick & Andy Warhol have a conversation about filming the next day with Ondine & Don Don (Donald Lyons). I’ve added all the clips and photos for the audio. Later you hear how they are on the streets of New York in front of the factory , then they arrive at a Cafeteria. Edie & Andy comment on the hour that they will show up & how Edie is always Late…..Edie asks Andy for Gravy on her noodles, Warhol asks the waitress for Gravy on the Noodles for Edie..Edie laughs.


Plus Size Lingerie – Big Girls Can Be Sexy, Too!

Let’s face it, we are not all built like beanpole runway models. That does not mean that we cannot have sexy lingerie. Most men agree that they prefer full-figured ladies. The underclothing manufacturers are starting to get into the business of plus size lingerie, and that’s a good thing for most of us! There is an astonishing variety of under things for bigger ladies. These are a little hard to find in department stores, or even in adult stores, but they are very easy to locate on the internet.

“Lingerie”, from the old French word line, meaning linen, has been available from the days of Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Then, nudity was more accepted, as were various body types. If you look at art from those time periods and from Europe during the Renaissance, you will note that most of the models’ bodies are full and voluptuous. So, it’s time for us big ladies to jump in and enjoy. Adventures with plus size intimate apparel can boost the ego and help uplift self-confidence and body image.

Corsets (tight-fitting bodice from the shoulder to below the waist, usually tied up with long laces up the from), are dated from the Elizabethan era. once regarded as uncomfortable because of their tightness and whale-bone supports, corsets were known for their love-hate relationship with their wearers. Old fashioned corsets were meant to mold the body into thinness and show off the wearer’s bosom. No more, today’s plus size corsets are soft and comfortable (although still centered on a fine display of a full chest). It is fun to surprise your partner with a lovely be-ribboned plus size corset, and you probably will be surprised at how good you look!

Another product you might want to try is the plus size babydoll. While not as daring as a corset, you can really get your partner’s pulse up with a baby doll. This kind of lingerie is obscure in origin, although it seems to have become popular in movies during the 1950’s and 60’s. Baby dolls are short cut and low-plunged night gowns, frequently trimmed in lace or florets. they cover a lot, while giving the promise of more! Whatever plus size lingerie you purchase, it is a gift to your partner, but more importantly to yourself. It is not necessary to be thin to be attractive, sexy and fun. Celebrate what you are, if that is being a plus size lady, get some plus size lingerie and enjoy!

Source by Lourdes Caballero

Pop Art Aluminum Can Hand Necklace

Pop Art Aluminum Can Hand Necklace

This is a sturdy but light weight necklace….suitable for guy or gal.

The hand pendant measures 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" and is made from a recycled aluminum beverage can. The hand is backed by TWO layers of foam for heft and stability. There are NO sharp aluminum metal edges — pendant is garanteed to be filed smooth.

Pop Art pendant hangs on a 22" ball chain necklace.

Posted by Urban Woodswalker on 2008-04-12 22:39:21

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Learn Piano Rapidly With the Chord Based Approach

Have you always wanted to play the piano for fun but can’t seem to get started?

Most people have the desire to be able to play piano but don’t know which approach to take. There are in general two approaches to learning the piano: the traditional method and the chord based approach. One approach may be a better fit for you, but if you want to start having fun right away, the chord based approach is the way to go. Here are some benefits of the chord based approach to learning the piano.

1. The chord based approach allows you to have fun from day one! The traditional method focuses heavily on sight reading. You’re required to practice scales and sight reading music of the masters such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. It takes some time before you can be able to sound half way decent. The chord based approach to piano learning is all about learning chords. Yes, you will still learn to read music, but it’s very minimal. After learning a few chords and some practice, you’ll be able to play songs right away. You’ll be able to play pop songs, gospel, show tunes, jazz, etc, basically anything except classical music.

2. It’s much inexpensive to learn the chord based approach. Compared to the classical method, the chord based approach is cheap. You might have to spend anywhere from $45-$65 for a one-hour lesson with the traditional approach. Depending on your motivation and how fast you learn, it might take weeks, months, or even years before you get good. With the chord based approach all it takes is learning some chords and you’re off to go. You can even teach yourself how to play piano the chord style approach for cheap. There are many self study courses available that you can find on the internet for a fraction of what you’d have to pay for with the traditional approach.

3. The chord based approach allows you to unravel the mystery of music. Classical pianists might be able to play Chopin Etudes at lightning speed, but they have no idea if what they’re playing is a Cm9 or FMaj13. Chord-based piano players, however, are always conscious of what they’re playing. Thus, they’re more proactive to music. With the chord based approach you learn a few rules on how chord construction and once you know the rules you can pretty much figure out on your own. Think of it as learning how to fish as opposed to having a fish caught for you. Big difference.

There’s nothing wrong with learning the classical method. If your goal is to become a classical pianist, by all means choose a great local teacher to learn from. However, if all you want is to have fun learning the piano in the shortest time possible, then the chord style approach might be a better choice for you. You can always go back and add classical music to your repertoire later on, if you wish.

Our Journey of the Tarot Continues – The Hanged Man

On our Tarot Journey we encounter the Hanged Man…

Whenever I appear in any layout (and my preferred layout is the Horoscope Spread) know your life has reached a point of suspension! It’s time to stop fighting with ‘yourself’ and suspend ALL activities, to listen and hear what I have to say. Trust in me as I ask you to ponder on the miseries of your world. Meditate on the fact most of the miseries of the world are self-imposed, caused by negative, fearful thoughts, procrastination and self doubt! If your world is in disharmony, realise you and only you have brought this about, no one else! It’s time for a change in your thinking. Listen to my words for they are TRUTH…

It’s time for some meditation, a time for poise; centre your thoughts on the spiritual rather than the physical, in doing so your affairs will take care of themselves! Remaining absorbed in physical/worldly matters will cause ‘suffering’ – “what will be, will be… “

YOU don’t have all the answers! Allow life to flow through you, time to live your life from within. Before you entered the physical you chose this life long before you were born and sacrificed your ‘soul-consciousness’ for physical consciousness. Be still and listen to what you hear from your INNER SELF. It’s time for a reversal in your thinking; it’s time to ‘sacrifice’ the physical for the spiritual. As you do you’ll begin to see your world differently and in doing so will realise the many truths about yourself and your life. Ask yourself if you’ve lived your life honestly or if you’ve lived your life as others expected or demanded of you? It’s time to become who you really are, even if others think you’re crazy or have everything ‘upside down.’

When I appear in any layout I will turn everything upside down, I’ll bring about a pause in all your affairs, and I will bring a halt to all you desire. When you experience ‘me’ have no fear for I am with you and will bring everything you desire into reality as you remain passive, poised and reflective. Do not, for a single moment, assume or feel you’re a victim, no way…

Your life and destiny will be revealed when you accept ‘me,’ when you stop, look and listen to what I have to say: TRUTHS will be revealed for in this waiting period, you’ll change your point of view; you’ll begin to see things differently – see the TRUTHS. No matter where I appear on the Tarot Wheel you can expect a ‘reversal’ to take place, a complete turnaround. Suspend ALL decision-making, make no choices, take no action, look beneath the surface of life and seek clarification for all is not what it seems. Remain poised…

The Hanged Man will enter a reading when you’re rushing headlong into something – he’ll create an impasse, a deadlock in negotiations, a stillness in your affairs, all of which are necessary to prevent you from ‘hanging yourself’ – when you encounter the Hanged Man in any reading accept with grace and humility the intervention of your Inner Guide/God…

No one likes to see this card in their reading for we’re basically ‘impatient’ beings so when you encounter or meditate upon the meaning of the Hanged Man, be patient…

Until we encounter DEATH – be in the Moment (it’s all you’ve got)

Source by Thomas Muldoon

Heart Paintings, Pop Art, Contemporary Artwork by Michelle G. Art, Small Daily Paintings on Canvas

This video shows a group of original heart art paintings by artist Michelle Geromel from Michelle G. Art, art studio.

These are mostly 5 x7 contemporary artworks on canvas or watercolor paper.

These small art paintings are popular as gifts for her, for an anniversary and for the newly engaged couple. And of course a great way to say I Love You anytime including Valentine’s Day. They are also popular with any collector of the Daily Paintings movement.

To receive updates on new artwork, and upcoming promotions sign up here: https://goo.gl/bJPBsf

About the Artist:
Michelle is an internationally collected artist, with contemporary paintings collected all over the world. Her art hangs in client’s homes throughout North America, Europe, the UK, Australia and Africa. She was chosen to participate in Sony’s The Talented project. And in 2009 residents of Orange County, California voted her Best Visual Artist for OC Magazine’s Best of Edition.

To view more small gift-able art for the one you love, visit our Etsy shop at: http://MichelleGArt.Etsy.Com

Or these and other small daily paintings, stop by the website: http://www.michellegart.com

Or just heart paintings on canvas and watercolor paper: on Etsy at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/michellegart?section_id=5946128